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New York, New York, 8 Years Later

Well, well, well, I am back from New York. I left late Saturday night (11:30 pm) on the “red eye” to Montreal, then to New York.  I got into NYC at about 10:am EST.  I stayed at a little hotel called Dream.  It’s a cool place that was about 5 block from the Hilton New York where the ASE (Affiliate Summit East) was being held. The  affiliate convention was 3 days long and it was informative and made some useful contacts there. If you want to see pictures  of the actual convention, go here. No, I’m not in any of the pictures….

I saw many of the affiliate marketing superstars (guys making over $20,000 +) per day online. Most of the affiliate superstars are half my age so it’s kind of weird for me. I felt like an old man at times, lol. If you are in your late 30’s and doing affiliate marketing then you are considered older for sure. It’s amazing that these younger guys in there early 20’s are making soo much money ($1000’s per day). I guess it does make sense since they were basically born with the internet. I got into it when I was in my early 30’s .

Anyways  I ended up talking to many people and it was pretty cool to see and  meet my mentors as well as affiliate networks in person.  The trip ended up costing a little over $1500 for 3 days, flight and hotel which is pricey but was worth it.

Dream was located 1 block south of Broadway on West 55th Avenue. I was literally one block from the David Letterman Show and times Square was about 5 blocks away. I didn’t have too much time to explore New York since I was there for such a short period of time however I did get to experience Times Square at night when all the lights make it look like a Christmas tree. Lights everywhere!

New York is a magical place, the last time I was there was August 2001. One month before September 11, it was cool going back even for a few days.

A video I took of  a dancing homeless guy. He had some good moves, but my battery died so I couldn’t catch the best part of his moves. I watched him dance for over 1 hour, while chillaxing in Times Square.

Times Square By Day:

Times Square By Night:



advertisements as large as buildings…

1000s of people in Times Square every night

my bed

view from my hotel room , looking down at Broadway

Authentic NY style pizza, cheese pizza!

That’s about it. Time to collect rent money from the Poco Condo, argh.