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Not Much To Update

Seems like you guys in Vancouver brought us some colder weather down here in the desert state. Some nights the temperature hits zero, but it’s supposed to warm up in the next 3-4 days which is fine by me. I bought this place to get away from the cold winters up in Vancouver!!

We have been checking out some of the Christmas stuff that Vegas puts on this time of year. We had the chance to visit the Bellagio Christmas Conservatory which was pretty cool for the kiddies. Also we drive around the newest hotel called Aria on the strip that has it’s grand opening on December 16th. The hotel is an 8.5 billion dollar project, the biggest ever in Nevada OBVIOUSLY. It’s like 9 buildings, not just one. Hotels in Vegas are never ever just one building they encompass blocks of property.

today’s beautiful sunrise from my balcony

Snow on Las Vegas mountains?! Yes a little bit actually, justĀ  a wee sprinkle….

WTF is with those 1980’s socks?! Right in front of the Bellagio, lol. Cheezy!

Freemont Street is the original Las Vegas “strip” in downtown Vegas (8 miles from where the new hotels are now.)

Freemont Street

Freemont Street, super tall Christmas tree.

Polar bear made out of flowers at the Bellgaio Conservatory

Model freight train at the Bellagio

Union Pacific model train at the Bellagio Conservatory

Aria Hotel is a 9-10 billion dollar hotel project that is having it’s grand opening on Dec 16. Both of these buildings are actually slanted. The hotel consists of numerous buildings. A hotel in Vegas is never just one building, ever. More pics of this insane hotel next week, when it officially opens to the public.

this a crazy sculpture at the Aria Hotel, if you look closely you will see these are all canoes, probably over 100 canoes were used for this art piece. It looks pretty cool if you ask me..

closer look at the canoe art piece