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Affiliate Summit 2010 Las Vegas Edition

So…………. I’m back from Las Vegas and it looks like I brought the crappy weather down South with me. It rained like crazy the last 3 days, boo hoo. I was on a business trip so the weather didn’t matter all that much.

The good thing about going to the Affiliate Summit is that I learned a  few tips that will pay for the trip by the end of today basically.  So I have to say that going was well worth the time and money spent. It’s one of those things that you don’t know how valuable it is until you come back and put what you learned to use.

Also being with other affiliate marketers is nice, because they actually understand what the hell you are talking about. Affiliate marketing is such a technical and in depth conversation that it’s nice to be able to converse and not feel like a computer nerd, lol.

It wasn’t all computer chat though, there were many parties that were held by various companies mostly at the Palms hotel close to the convention at the Rio Hotel. I ended up meeting many people who’s blogs I have read over the years for tips, tricks and guidance.

If you ever wanted to know about affiliate marketing  then read these blogs:

  1. CDF Networks – VERY useful blog that I have read for 3 years  now
  2. Jonathan Volk – helped me lots in the beginning
  3. Ad Hustler –  useful tips that I read weekly

Overall it was fun, and when my wife reads this I just have to say I kept my hands to myself as always. Yes, I was a  good boy! You know that anyways………….

Also a big thanks to Mundo Media for inviting me to the party below.  They are a great network, thanks buddies!

nuff said back to work…  I have only been up since 3 am. Who needs sleep?