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Your Affiliate Company Is Stealing From You, Now What?

Affiliate companies stealing from their affiliatesThis month I am seeing many more daily charge backs than previous months. I have always had some charge backs but now it’s getting me a little bit worried. But are they really charge backs or just a way for the affiliate company to steal your hard earned money? Being an affiliate I know I’m at the bottom of the barrel, but I work very hard to get to where I am, so what can I do when I think they are skimming? I can’t do much about it, even though this is illegal, it is basically stealing and that is a crime.

I could move onto another affiliate program but this is the best paying program I have found in this niche. I’m feeling kind of down because it sucks when you do everything right and then something you cannot control gets in the way. Months of research and hard work down the drain. Of course the product is still very profitable but not as much as before.

I have already contacted my affiliate manager but what are they going to say? “Yeah we had to skim another 10% off your commissions cause we need the money?” It’s not going to happen and maybe even the affiliate managers don’t even know what’s really going on. So now what? Hmm, my thoughts are to basically start affiliate marketing in other areas, it’s just hard to get motivated.

It just sucks when you do everything right and bullshit tactics like this have to get in the way of your success. Greed is an evil thing. They might as well hold me at gun point and rob me. I will suck it up and still make money. Never put all your eggs in one basket and this is a very good reason why you don’t.Keep smiling things will work out, they always do. smily face



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