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543 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg After The Arson Fire

I got these photos from my realtor in Winnipeg, thought I would post them for the hell of it. This was my duplex that was arson damaged. The duplex was built in the late 1800s if you can believe it. Now it’s sold as of July 1,2008. Farewell and Thank God.

543 Pacific Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba

shot of the outside

543 Pacific Avenue arson fire

notice all the booze bottles on the counter………

Arson fire Winnipeg North End

totally destroyed property because of the selfish acts of arsonists

My arson damage is the result of one thing, First Nation people who are unemployed and have no hope in the future. Is this their fault? Honestly I don’t think so. Being suppressed for so many years and having their people killed by white settlers hundreds of years ago has left the First Nation people as angry as ever. This is the end result hundreds of years later. Drunk Indians, unemployed, creating street gangs and now they are killing each other in Winnipeg ghettos.  It’s not their fault, but they pay the price every single day of their lives and so will their children for generations to come. I have no answers, I was just a passerby in their community, and it costs me $50,000. I wish them the best in the future. I do not blame them, if I was living were they do I am sure I would be in the same vicious cycle as them…..