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5 am Wake Up Call!

It’s 8:06 am, I woke up at 4:54 am or something close to that and came downstairs into my home office. I made my daily espresso and made a bunch of campaigns and then went for a 20 minute walk. I love waking up AT 5 AM, I feel like I have much more time to get sh*t done. I feel fulfilled because all of my “duties” are complete and then I can relax more easily. Being an overachiever I always feel the need to get a “certain amount done”, waking up earlier (5 am) really helps me to feel complete. I go to bed at 9- 1o pm and wake up fresher than ever.

I can then take my kids out earlier in the afternoon 4pm ish  and not feel like I need to do “more”. If you really think about how much time you waste in a day on b*llsh*t it’s truly incredible. Watching mindless reality shows one after another is a marathon BS. I do watch my share of them but cutting down on BS time has helped me allot. I spend time with family then bed nice and early.

I’m not really sure why I’m so driven now, but it’s been part of me for a long time. When I worked for someone else I could give a shit about motivation, I’ve never been very good at taking direction or listening to other peoples rules. I was probably the sh*ttiest carpenter cabinet maker alive (kidding), because what was the motivation? A paycheck for $1100 every 2 weeks, lol. Most people feel “secure” having a job, that’s the biggest lie you can tell yourself. Now, I like thinking for myself and focusing on myself. If you don’t care about yourself, who will?

Being lazy is hard work, I’m too lazy to work at a secure job till 65 (like most people). I would rather retire early, and live my life.

I have no clue why this post turned out the way it did, but here it is.. Back to work, then watch The Taking of Pelham 123 tonight…