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4:00 AM Time To Wake Up

It’s 4:00ish am, and I woke up and can’t get back to sleep. I did a bit of work and now I am blogging. I have had this domain name for 10 years now, it started out for my web design business that no longer exists, and now it’s my digital scrap book. I’ve been blogging on this site since February 2008 (2 years already), and pretty much anything that has happened to me is written on my blog. I  have had blogs even before they were called blogs, back then they called it a “personal web site”.

The web is a crazy place, 20 years from now when I’m 60 years old will my YouTube videos still be up? Old pictures of my graffiti I did when I was younger? The Internet never forgets, even if you do.  One thing I have thought about is that anything you put online may be there to haunt you many, many years from now.  I definitely don’t have anything to hide, but it’s funny to think that even my kids can access everything about me when they can read and surf the web.  They can see what I was thinking on February 12, 2008, pretty cool and scary. Just something to ponder I guess… NUFF SAID.

Onto other super important things, tonight is “date night”. Every Wednesday for the past month we do our own thing. We drop off the kids at my parents place and do something just the two of us. Tonight we are going to check out a move, either The Blind Side or When in Rome. Chick flicks cause the lady loves romantic comedies.


Onto other things…

Probably the easiest way for us to get the kids to sleep is to drive around in the SUV. They usually konk out in about 10-20 minutes of driving. Basically my truck in one big baby stroller with pimped out rims.  I probably know more driving routes in Vancouver than a cabbie, ugh.

As most times that I am in my truck I had my SD750 and I shot some interesting photos in the rain (below). I am no where near evening being called an amateur photographer but whatever, it’s fun to take photos of random BS, and it doesn’t cost me a penny (that’s the best part…).

taken through driver side window on a rainy Monday night…

Yesterday I had to take a trip out to Delta because my tenant had no power in her up and downstairs living room, as well as the downstairs bathroom.  It seem like a wire broke or a mice got into the wall and chewed up one of the wires, resulting in the problem I just explained. Luckily my handyman Michael temporarily fixed it until he can come back and do a permanent repair job which should take about one hour.

Anyhoo I brought my camera along (like I always do…) to entertain myself and I snapped a few photos while driving over the Alex Fraser bridge….

this post was about as random and as all over the place as possible, whatever.

Back to work.