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Gas Prices Rising Again In Vancouver To $1.27 Liter – Grrr

Vancouver gas reaches $1.25 liter

It looks like gas has gone up again, it costs me just under $105 CDN to fill up my Escalade. Thank God I work from home. Actually the only reason I didn’t care about the big v8 engine in Escalade trucks is because I do work from home. If I had a job where I had to commute everyday I doubt I would have bought it, however I work from home so I don’t use much gas. But holy shit, gas is at $1.27 a liter in the Vancouver area now, what happened to cheap gas prices??

Some gas analyst stated “I think we’ll easily see prices at [$1.50],” he said. “I don’t think prices are going to start backing down anytime soon.”” Umm great….

How can regular people survive with all these crazy increases in gas, real estate, food and so on. This is one reason I quit the 9-5 grind, you have no control over your life. At least with affiliate marketing I can control how much I make, jobs suck!

Then I was surfing on Google and I noticed they have freebie offers giving away free $500 gas cards, has anyone ever used them, are they real? I think they are only good for U.S citizens. Anyone know if there are free gas cards for us Canadians?

Well if you’re in the U.S you can get $500 of free gas from Mobil, Shell or Exxon, enjoy. Us Canadians will just be happy with the high Canadian dollar, yeah right. Not.¬†Especially since I get all my checks in American funds.