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Working Towards A $100,000 Net Per Month

The lack of updates are a result of me working on my $100,000 a month goal. I have been researching new niches to try to find another “golden goose” to give me the jump I need to pull in at least another $500-$1000 day of profit, hopefully I have found it. Now I need to start the whole process of building campaigns, testing and so on. Lots of work ahead for me, at least my income will be coming in nicely from what I’m getting daily so far, while I work on this new money maker.

That’s the great thing about affiliate marketing, you can work the same hours every day but your income will continue to grow and grow, it’s the snowball effect of having so many ads running on Google. Obviously not everyday is like a shiny new penny but overall, you can’t beat this lifestyle. The cool thing about pay per click, if you put in the work it will happen. No office, no need for 20 employees, a laptop with a wireless internet connection and the world is your office.

And the reason I even blog about my financial status is to help to guide me along the way, that’s the only real reason. I don’t really like people knowing how much I pull in, feels weird. I guess if I blog about it, then it’s my fault though lol.

And the goal for $100k? I made it for September 2008, that helps to burn a little fire under may ass. It keeps me on my toes and helps to make me focus more. I was always the kid in school who got distracted easily, and who distracted others from doing there work. Something that I’m constantly working to improve on.

** PS: Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday May, 11.

That’s all for now.

Shot of freighter in Burrard Inlet, taken from New Brighton Park in Vancouver

Random photo:
Picture taken of freighter in Burrard Inlet, May 5, 2008 from New Brighton Park in Vancouver