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On My Way To $100,000 A Month

[ad]I was thinking about my goals today and I want to make $100,00 month in profit smily face. I’m not sure when I want to achieve this by. 100k a month would be 1.2 million per year, not too shabby. I really believe I can and will do this, but by what date? If you have a goal you need to have a date as to when it will be achieved by. I think I can pull this off by September 2008, so that gives me like 5 months to a little over doubling my affiliate marketing income. Can I do it? Hell yeah! I don’t have it all figured out, but it will happen. The law of attraction will do it’s magic, along with me working hard and will become a reality for me. smily face

I need to branch out into different niches to achieve my goal, and then from there I need to scale my pay per click campaigns to their maximum potential. It’s amazing the amount of money you can pull in with pay per click marketing, it’s unreal. This is not some cake walk though, you really need to know lots of different areas in order to really succeed at internet marketing.

Skills you need to be a good internet marketer:

  1. web design/layout – designing your own websites & landing pages (photoshop skills, design skills)
  2. html/php – coding your own websites, blog & landing pages
  3. copy writing – writing effective PPC ads & copy for your websites/ landing pages
  4. research – this is the most important factor. You need the ability to dig into a niche and find ways to generate traffic (even in competitive niches).

The last part I added because some friends were asking about how you do pay per click, hopefully they read this and understand it’s not nearly as easy as they think. Anyone can do PPC marketing as long as you’re willing to work 12 hours a day and already have a good portion of the skills I listed above. You need to have the drive to do ANYTHING to achive your goal. A real burning desire and commitment to “make it happen”.

Th reason I blog about how much I want to make financially is because this is how I reach my goals by writing them down, it helps so do it. Don’t just sit on your ass, make it happen. You are the creator of your own destiny, where do you want to be in 5 years? Where do you want to be in 5 months, 5 weeks? Plan ahead, and control YOUR LIFE, don’t let your life control you….

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