So You Want To Be Rich, Making Money Online?

With smoking hot temperatures in Vancouver, it’s a struggle to focus on making money online. I’d rather be outside getting my tan on (like I really need one), but money is money and you can’t live  a good life without it.  Over the past year, a few friends have asked me to show them how I make money online and trust me it’s not nearly as easy as you think it is. I have been working online for the past 7 -8 years so I have lots of experience in the whole process. This game is constantly changing and you need to really want to succeed to “make it happen”. There is no easy road, and I’m not giving away my secrets for anyone. It took much too long for me to figure this shit out to give it away in 30 minute conversation, sorry kids.

That being said I do have something I can give everyone who is interested in making money online. One of the most famous of the “make money online” bloggers, ShoeMoney as he calls himself is offering a free 12 week online course on internet marketing that anyone can sign up for . Yes, it’s FREE. If you ever wanted to know what the hell it is I do all day long then register for free and learn. Who knows, this could change your life. I’m even taking the course, because I may learn something new that can take my business to the next level, who knows. Never be too lazy to learn something new. Sitting on your ass watching the hockey game, will never get you making 6 figures per year.

And without further bullshit here is the link to sign up for ShoeMoney’s free 12 week internet marketing course. Now go make papa proud, and when you get rich don’t forget who gave you the link.  Bada bing! Good luck!

some pretty pictures I took:







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