Snowy Surprise & A Gift For Christmas

It’s 7:02 am and I have  awaken to a snowy day ahead of me. Since I was too lazy to change my custom rims for the snow tires in my garage I am confined to my small part of the world. Yeah I can probably drive in this white stuff called snow, but whatever.  I can just as easily walk to the library (free wireless there), and I will be visiting my sister in law and go meet my new niece.

Claudia (my brothers wife)  has given birth to a little baby girl with the awesome name of Chiara or Ciara, I am not sure exactly how it’s spelt but I love the name. I am happy for my brother and his wife, as well as my parents. First step when I leave the house is to go walk to Burnaby General Hospital, which is only about 4 blocks from where we live. And they even  have Tim Hortons in the hospital (my kind of hospital), lucky me.  Now my little kiddies have someone to play with when they go to Nonno and Nonna’s house, very cool.

Little Ciara was born earlier than expected, so I guess she will be considered our Christmas gift. I never really care too much about receiving gifts, but this is the type of gift I am more than happy to receive. Nothing brings more joy than a little baby…

Congratulations to Rob and Claudia, from your brother. C.V.

And the snow keeps on coming so I had to snap a few pics of it coming down.




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