Recession, Is It Normal?

I woke up with a nice stiff neck today. I feel like a bloody robot, cause I can barely turn my head from side to side without it hurting, blah! I  was going to bike ride up to the coffee shop on Kingsway, but there was no way I could bike up here, so I had my wife drive me here in the SUV. I feel like an old man, today.

Anyways, I usually read the headlines of the newspaper stands when I walk into coffee shop and man are they gloomy. I think on the Province it read “The R Word” (recession). Last year at this time the news was going off about how great our economy is and now we are going into a recession?

I really can’t stand the media, they make everything sound worse or better than it is.  Big deal, things are slowing down are they supposed to go up forever? I mean for fuck sakes, who want to pay $700,000 for a 50 year old house in Vancouver?! It’s about time our economy cooled down if you as me. Fucking media makes it seems like it’s the end of the world, give me a break. And I’m sure you love paying $.150 a liter for gas, let the economy slow a bit. Inflation will slow down giving regular people a break in wallet, hopefully.

If you look at history it always repeats itself, the upward cycle is going downward now. Big deal, this is normal. Yes the USA has major problems, but one way or another they will be worked out. Personally I am glad the economy is cooling, it will give me a chance to buy real estate in Vancouver once again.

Here is one problem, people don’t know how to manage their money and they don’t think. All these foreclosed homes in the USA are the result of banks giving people mortgages who had no right having a mortgage in the first place.

Enough said.



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