Rainy Saturday In Vancouver, Again…

Vancouver rain

Another rainy Saturday In Vancouver, this is getting silly. It’s May and Spring is here but where is the sun? No wonder we have soo many coffee shops, you want to go out but staying outside sucks, so we all head to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Caffè Artigiano or Blendz. Well, baby Matteo, my wife and myself are heading out to the West Vancouver Village (Stefania is going to Nonna & Nonnos house) for some good tasting coffee at Caffè Artigiano (real Italian coffee, not Starbucks Italian wannabee crap).

It’s a good day to test out the new Canon sd750 I bought as well. Sometimes I need a break from affiliate marketing ya know? Time to roll out, meet me in West Van at the village.

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