Rain Go Away, Leave Vancouver Alone Please!

[ad#ad-1]Kinda depressing outside (it’s raining in Vancouver right now) so a nice sunny shot with baby Stefania is a great way to brighten up my day. Wow, it feels like winter here in Vancouver, but it’s May ! When the hell is the rain going to leave Vancouver alone, argh!!!!! I wish my satellite was working, cause no TV and rain do not mix together very well….

Now I know why I was feeling crusty all day, it’s the fucking weather. I was looking at the computer screen and the screen was looking at me, we both didn’t get ANY work done today. I feel like a tool. That’s it I’m too bored to blog tonight, ciao! Tomorrow will be a fresh start, and I have to do list to help me focus.

Stefania at New Brighton Park, East Vancouver / Burrard Inlet

Stefania at New Brighton Park, East Vancouver May, 2008

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