It’s Ready To Be Rented, Any Takers?

And finally, after 8 days of dirt, grime, dusty carpets, bent screws, toxic fumes and sweat here it is. I fixed this place up in 8 days, start to finish and I am glad it’s over. I’m proud of how it came out, even though I never did the work myself¬† I still think it came out pretty sweet.

I just posted it on, so the phone should start ringing soon enough. Damn I’m tired. I’ll be happy when I’m doing internet marketing all day long again. I had fun this week, but labor work sucks after a while, for me anyways.¬† It’s all done just in time for the weekend….


living room and dining area

living room and dining area

hallway & kitchen view


bedroom with sliding doors to patio


master bedroom with sliding doors to patio


master bedroom facing patio


hallway to bathroom

both entrances to bedrooms

front door/ kitchen area

view from patio

view from patio

master bedroom, bedroom and living room all have sliding doors to the massive patio

view from patio

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