I Am The Proud Father Of A Baby Boy

It\'s A Boy!

On April 10, 2008 my wife gave birth to our second child a healthy baby boy, Matteo! Matteo is 7lbs 4 oz and he is doing great. We already have a little girl so this is a pure blessing for the both of us, we couldn’t be any happier. Little Matteo is doing great and he and his mother will be coming home tommorrow. smily face

All the long hours of the computer make it worth it when you can give your new baby a safe and secure home for the rest of his life. I am truly overjoyed at how my family has taken shape, more than I could have ever asked for. The name Matteo means “gift from God”, he really is a gift. A perfect name for my little son, I will have to start teaching him affiliate marketing. tongue-sticking-out I look forward to the many years of happiness with my son and daughter.

Truly a happy moment in my life….

Baby Matteo - Born On April 10th 2008

Proud Father & Happy Mother

Baby Matteo, me and my wife

Stefania & Baby Matteo

Matteo & Stefania

Matteo Chillin – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Matteo born April 10 2008

3 thoughts on “I Am The Proud Father Of A Baby Boy

  1. george

    dude that is beautiful. even the pic with your ugly mug.


    and bring the whole fam to NYC this time.

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