Heading South For ASW

I’m heading back down to Vegas for a 3 day convention. It will be nice to get away from the bright blue skies of Vancouver, haha yeah right! It’s been raining and cloudy basically every day since I have been back, BLAH!

Anyways I’m hoping to meet some of the affiliate managers I work with and hopefully I will get some tips  to propel my business to the next level! This week has been a bit of a slump in my business with the main offer I was running coming into billing problems.  I had to put my traffic on pause for a few days until I could find another similar product to promote.

I found something that is similar but not as good, but it will do for now as I don’t have much of  a choice. I am told that the credit card billing should be back up sometime next week, cross fingers on that. In the mean time I’m going to enjoy myself down south in the sun, instead of the gray rainy days here in Vancouver…….

I can’t wait to see what type of security gong show, they have in place to stop “terrorists” at the airport. I’m sure they have found a way to make travelling even longer and more painful. But it’s all for our safety, um yeah. I was born yesterday I guess…

Anyhoo, it’s time to get my ass in gear, I need to:

  1. pack
  2. get haircut
  3. see investment condos in Burnaby at 2:00 and maybe put offer on one
  4. go to parents for dinner
  5. go to airport
  6. land in Vegas
  7. pickup rental car
  8. go to my condo in Vegas
  9. sleep

dismal looking gray day in Willingdon Business Park in Burnaby, just off of highway 1

some guy feeding the pigeons near Granville street

guy has lots of foods for the birdies…

the guy feeding the pigeons just off of Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.

it looks like some type of robotic face, but it’s just a close up of  a McDonalds coffee lid. It looks like it wants to be fed, maybe bird seed?!

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