Heading Down To San Francisco For Affiliate Appreciation Gathering

Today I am off to San Francisco, California for the affiliate appreciation gathering that one of the companies I promote is holding for it’s top affiliates. They are flying 30 affiliates (and guests) for 3 days in San Francisco. Since the weather is all gloom in Vancouver  this will be a great getaway, free of charge. The current temperature in S.F. is 16°C and clear and here in Vancouver it’s 9°C and cloudy/foggy/drizzle, blah!

I will be visiting Alcatraz, doing a city tour as well as having a full spa treatment all paid for, which is pretty cool. I have never gotten a spa treatment, it feels creepy for some reason. The hotel looks pretty swanks, we are staying at the Hotel Griffon.

I’m not bringing my laptop because I don’t trust U.S. customs officials. I have read horror stories online of officials seizing laptops and not giving them back, or if they do it’s many months later. No thanks, I don’t need that type of headache. I will just let my pay per click campaigns run themselves, and maybe check in on them from an Internet cafe from time to time if possible.

I’m heading down to San Fran with Rob and Angela, the guy who got me hyped on affiliate marketing in the first place many years. I’ve been to San Francisco 2 times before this trip, it’s a neat city to visit. Most of the big web companies are from around the Bay Area, that place is ground zero for Internet companies.

I’ll be back Thursday and then need to get the 2 bedroom condo in Burnaby I bought inspected to make sure there are no hidden problems. I will probably start looking for condo #3 when I get back as well. Near Christmas is always a great time to buy, because no one else is thinking about buying real estate. That means less competition and better real estate investment deals for me, weeee.

Oh well I better start packing my carry on, it’s 8:30 AM and my ride (Rob’s dad) get here at 11:10 AM. It’s a 2 hour flight to S.F. and Vancouver is on the same time zone so I won’t be having that wonderful jet lag feeling.


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