Happy Days And the 1980s Will Live Forever


Being a product of the 198os television it’s easy to see why I love The Fonz. The guy is Italian (like me), he’s cool and he gets all the ladies. Now that I have satellite TV, I watch Happy Days practically every night on the TVLand Network. The cool thing about retro shows like Happy Days, Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island and Three’s Company is there is a little kid inside that comes out every time I watch those old school shows. No television reality show can replace something like Happy Days, classic television at it’s best.


Some of TV actors such as John Ritter, Don Knotts, Bob Denver and Tom Bosley are gone but there memories still live on via satellite TV. I think it’s the connection to my 1980’s childhood that will make these shows classics forever.

I would love to thank those actors for all the laughs over the years. It may sound cheezy but they were a part of my childhood and probably many people of the 19bas80’s, thanks. It was cool back then and I’m glad I am able to see them all again now. Yeah I’m a TV geek, big deal …. But. I hate video games so there.


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