Google Stock On Big Decline, Will It Affect PPC Marketing?

Google stock has been on a huge drop since November 2007 it has fallen from $747.24 a share in November to only $428.08 on March 28, 2008. It is down 6% from it’s high of $747. Apparently Google’s stock price has been declined after a researcher said clicks on Google’s advertising sponsored links fell last month.

As a pay per click advertiser on Google, how does this affect me?

I asked myself that question. I’m not really sure if it’s only Google that has less clicks on their search network or are MSN and Yahoo on the decline as well? One thing that comes to mind is maybe they will be more lenient with ads on their network since they want more clicks and they want their stock to rise. It could be better for PPC advertisers, but who knows? Google are crazy Nazi’s when it comes to promoting on the search engine. You need to jump through a ton of hoops sometimes in order to have have and keeps your sponsored ads running.

Also, will Google’s stock continue to drop and it if does then what?


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