Getting A Parking Ticket Can Make You Cry

This is my 100th post! Today’s post features more useless information to help waste your precious time. I was at Starbucks in Burnaby, and I had my Canon digital camera so I started snapping these funny pictures of some lady getting a parking ticket. I hate getting parking tickets like everyone else but this lady was actually crying outside Starbucks on Kingsway as you can see in the photos. It’s not funny to get any parking fines, but from the photos it looks kind of funny. I don’t normally laugh at other peoples expense but I had to post this. If you think I’m a jerk, then boo hoo.


Mr Meter Maid giving a parking ticket

Meter maid giving a ticket to some lady who just ran into Starbucks…

Lady crying after getting a parking ticket

Lady ran out of Starbucks coffee shop & begins crying to Mr. Meter Maid…

Lady still crying comes back into coffee shop

Lady receives parking ticket, then goes back into Starbucks to get her Caffe Latte…


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