– Online Funeral Directors?

Ever wonder what would happen if you died today. All your passwords, your MySpace and FaceBook accounts? Somehow I found this site, it’s insane people would com eup with such a crazy business idea. A website called FinalShutDown takes care of all your loose ends online when you die.

This is a quote for the site, “Have you ever thought about what will happen to your online social presence once you pass on? Has it ever occurred to you that some unfinished business may still exist in an Inbox on your Myspace of Facebook? Or Even worse, a skeleton of the past maybe lerking in an email account that’s just waiting to be discovered.

Final Shutdown has now taken all the worry out of this. Our new service handles your complete online existence after you pass on. We make sure all loose ends are tied and everything is shutdown peacefully allowing you to enjoy your eternal rest and ensuring your remembered in Life as you were in death.

We also act as personal handlers for your social accounts when you may out of reach a compute. We handle account maintenance (shutdown, suspension), message maintenance (monitoring, removal, and more.”

It’s like an online funeral director, they take of your business when you die, lol. Ok, back to work now…

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