Don’t Leave Your BBQ On!

Sometimes I wonder where my f*cking head is. Yesterday we had some awesome Italian sausage from Columbus Meat Market.  I fired up the BBQ to cook the sausage and when it was almost done I lowered the heat. I took the meat off after 5 minutes but I forgot to turn off the bbq! I then put the black bbq protector cover on the BBQ and had lunch. Like 2 hours later wifey is asking why the BBQ is still hot. Needless to say dipsh*t (me), left it on for like 2 hours! I snapped 2 photos of the plastic water nozzle that was sitting on top of the BBQ. I don’t even want to think about if I left that on all night, house catches fire perhaps?!?! I’m luckier than I think I am, be grateful for what you have you jackass (me). I could of had less to be grateful for if my house caught fire, enough said…




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