Diversify Or Die – Have PPC Eggs In Many Baskets

eggsPutting all your eggs in one basket, something that many people seem to do when working online. It’s easy to when you find something that is working great why bother diversifying? There are numerous reasons to diversify your online income. If the big money maker you have been raking in $1000s from suddenly dies then you’re screwed.

If the niche you are promoting becomes over saturated by other affiliates then what? You need to think ahead and so do I. Years ago when I first started making money online, I created about 20 sites on different niches ranging from coffee machines, rc cars, cell phones, hdtv and others.  Back then I didn’t pay for traffic like I do now. Instead I used to write content that ranked high in the search engines and I received organic search traffic for me, pretty cool right? Actually it was nice while it lasted but then Google did one of there famous updates and all my organic traffic started to crumble, I still had Yahoo and MSN but eventually it all fizzled away.

I had to adapt or die and I did, this is part of the reason I got into PPC marketing. I needed to make money or what, find a  job? HELL NO!

I’m starting to feel the need to spread my eggs around in different baskets, and this is part of this weeks goal. I am going to start researching new niches, completely different from what I do now.

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