Detroit, America’s Version Of Iraq – Home Made Hell

America is a f*cked up place, they go to Afghanistan and Iraq to help people but in their own backyards they have some amazing problems. While surfing a few years back I typed in “Detriot ghettos”, this was before the “recession”. Most people know that Detroit is the biggest dump of sh*t in the USA. If you compare Iraq to Detroit they almost look just as bad, it’s completely insane.  Ans, since the recession things in Detroit have gotten much, much worse. Think of all the bailouts to the auto manufacturers, well they all went to Detroit based car companies such as GM, Ford and Chrysler. There are tons of layoffs and unemployed in the Motor City..

Next time you support US troops think again, the U.S. government should be cleaning up at home before they go over seas to“help people” steal oil. There is no money in helping people but there sure is in oil sales.

You need to see these videos to appreciate where you live, unless you live in Detroit.. Oh and Detroit is also America’s most dangerous city. On  Halloween in Detroit they call it “Devils Night“, which has since since stopped because it got so out of control in 1984 that teens burned 800  of the abandoned homes that line the streets of Detroit’s neighbourhoods. Unreal this is in the USA.

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