December, 20, 2009 In My Version Of Las Vegas

It’s fun having a digital camera, so you can snap shots of random dumb stuff that you see in your everyday life . Today’s compilation represents, the Las Vegas outlet stores, and walking around the the Venetian hotel on the Vegas strip to kill a few hours. That’s all I have to report. I’ll be back in Vancouver in 3 days, so if you’re squatting in my house it’s time you leave. Back here in Vegas in January for a few days then I come back to Las Vegas again with the family to stay for a few months  when it’s sun tanning weather (March/April).

Ah lunch is ready time to roll out..


Camouflage Sana hat, need I say more? He looks pissed that I took the photo, lol. Must be a military santa? Knob..

This green Lamborghini, looked awesome. Check the plate out –> SvnsSins (seven sins), perfect for Sin City..

In the Guess Outlet store in Vegas

The Venetian hotel ceiling, looks like they shipped it from Italy! This was only a small , small part of the whole thing, amazing…

Random funny stickers at the magic shop in the Venetian Hotel, “Say no to crack”...

I’m going nucken futs, yeah I am……

If money is the root of all evil, why do churches beg for it? Good point!!

outside the Ventian hotel, good photo!

wax museum at the Venetian hotel, Whoopie Goldberg

wax museum at the Venetian hotel, Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones )

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