Can I Have Another CocoNut Please!

Just taking a break from the sandy beaches, the salt water is itching my back so I need to shower pretty soon. Not much to say on my end, all is well in paradise. I saw ABC news from New York this morning and saw all the snow they are having in the Eastern US, wow! It’s March and snow is still happening, unreal. Isn’t it “Spring Break” soon?
Here it seems to rain at night and then the next day BLAM, back to soon. It probably the dream weather I would love for Vancouver, rain all night sun all day. Vancouver gets rain all day and night ha ha.

Anyways I snapped some more pictures of daily events around my hotel. Nothing really exciting happening around here, basically what a vacation should be all about. I got up at 7 am got kids ready, have breakfast, went to beach laid around for few hours, had lunch and here I am for about 1 hr.

landscapers pulling out plants

Bananas growing on trees outside my room, pretty crazy. These ones aren’t ripe obviously..

You can buy these coconuts which they cut for you, then put Dominican rum inside so you have an instant tropical drink. The price is $1 US.

outdoor aerobics on the beach…

my breakfast for this morning: chopped ham, bacon, eggs (over easy) and the croissant for my kids.

Somebody wanted more photographs of food so I snapped today all inclusive, all you can breakfast layout.

an assortment of pancakes, waffles, french toast, donuts and other pastries

more pastries

various types of fruit for breakfast…

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