Caffe Artigiano – More Than Just Cafe Lattes

Me and my wife hooked up with Gianni and Lucy for coffee last night at one of our favorite coffee shops, Cafe Artigiano. I have been going to Cafe Artigiano since I worked downtown at some sweat shop called Zoo Link. Thank God the palced has been closed down for a  few years, goof balls. They have a bunch of locations (downtown, West Van & Kerrisdale), we usually go to the one on Hastings Street in Burnaby.

Anyways the guys (Sammy Piccolo the owner & staff) at Cafe Artigiano are Barista champions. Yes they actually have competitions for coffee tasting, visual appeal and so on.  They hooked our lattes up with some funky designs, that I decided to take photos of. The demonic dog cafe was mine and wifey had the spiderweb soy caffe latte. They look pretty tasty dont they? Yum, yum.


dog design in caffe latte


spiider web design in caffe latte


closeup of coffee cup


sneaky shot of older dude reading the paper

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