Banned By Google AdWords? How To Get Back In?

In my last post I talked about all the publishers using AdWords for “make money with Google” products scams  got their accounts banned forever and they can never return to using AdWords again. As always in this world of ours there always seems to be  a loophole or way to do what you’re not allowed to. This isn’t any different.

Can you get a new Google AdWords account after you have been banned?

Yes, you can get back to advertising through Google AdWords.  If you are one of the naughty boys promoting biz opps (business opportunities) on Google then you’re a jackass. Well all know how Google loves rebills and you think they would let you use their name in a rebill bizopp? Now you guys know the answer.

I did some digging around and some jerk off is actually selling an ebook on how to get back to using Google AdWords. This is one of the dumbest things I have seen. All the info you need to get your AdWords account back can be found by searching online for free on Google, lol.

Note: I you do get back to using AdWords play by the rules cause Google don’t give 2 shits about anyone except themselves. You’re spending $20,000 a day with Google? They make $63,000,000 (63 million) per day, so they won’t miss your $20,000…

Now get back off your ass and make it happen!

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