And Now For Something Completely Different

Saturday we went over to my parents place as we always do on Saturdays for the family dinner. After dinner I went into my old bedroom where I have tons of stuff still sitting there. Anyways my  mom bought these creepy looking clowns years ago, when I was still living there and everyday she would put these clown onto of my bed after she made. Yes my mom made my bed until I left at 31 years old…

So I was sitting on my bed looking at these creepy clowns and had an idea of how funny it would be to take pictures of these clowns and other stuffed animals in various “positions”.  I am by no means into this fetish in any serious manner, it’s a  big joke.

I’m sure there are some sick bast*rds that enjoy this kind of stuff but this is purely a silly joke on my end. If you enjoy this type of thing as any sort of fantasy then good for you, but I personally think you need help.

Anyways enjoy the photos they made me chuckle pretty good as well as anyone who has seen them. I’m not 100%  why they are on my blog, but what the hell you need to have some sort of sense of humor don’t you?

Mr. Clown

Mrs. Clown

Mr. Clown & Mrs. Clown getting “romantic”..

closeup of the Clown couple..

Mr. Clown getting it

a different position

sheepie & doggie

Mrs. Clown & doggie

You get the picture..


Take a joke and have a chuckle, time for my morning caffe. Bye for now.


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