All You Can Eat, Drink & Party – Dominican Republic

I kinda lost track of time, but I checked the date on my computer and it is Friday today. Being on vacation most of my stresses are gone, and I forgot what day it is. I’m usually a stress bag so I’m glad I can finally chill out here. Last night we had the big feed of prawns and veal along with tons of other foods that you can see in the photos that I uploaded to the blog today. I snapped the photos for my most loyal reader, so there you go guy enjoy the food pictures. Please don’t drool on your laptop, it might fry it out.

my prawn and steak dinner, yummy

prawn platter – all the prawns you can stuff in your face….

all the desserts you can eat, I don’t touch them at all…. I am trying to remain slim (trying….)

assortment of foods here…

As you can see it’s really easy to gain weight here, so you need to pig out on the right stuff or you will go home looking like a bowling ball.

my daughter is growing up really fast..

my daughter as a man, yikes!

Mr. Matteo and wifey..

shot of the amazing blue blue water………….

Last night was some type of festival right in the middle of the street, people dancing and vendors selling oil paintings, jewelry and all that jazz. I snapped a few pics of that as well.

dancers from the Hotel, doing their thing.

local lady have fun.

street party…

oil painting by local Dominican artist…

Ok enough on the computer. Time to head back before the kids wake up, they are a handful haha. I will go have a nice espresso now, in the heat yeah I know.

PS: You can see all the photos I take on my image gallery page. I only put a handful of photos on this post, enjoy.

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