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Las Vegas Pawn Stars & More

This is one of the more random posts that I have done so far, but the people who know, know that I am very random and all over the map sometimes. This post is all about the pictures, because I don't have to much to say today. Let's let the photos speak for me today, shall we? Free Image Hosting at If you ever have watched Pawn Stars, then you know who Chum Lee is. For the rest of the world he is just some dude who became famous because he works at a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The pawn shop just happens to also be a reality show, and now he's famous just because he works there. Isn't life funny that way? Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at The old man always looks half asleep, and he does sleep half the time (watch the show to see what I mean...). Free Image Hosting at This chapel was in the film called "The Hang Over", funniest movie ever!! You go watch it now! Free Image Hosting at Vancouver graffiti from "Hoser" Free Image Hosting at caught in front of WalMart in North Las Vegas. Free Image Hosting at These clouds look insane, like a bomb blew up. They are shaped that way for no reason at all, except that Mother Nature wanted it that way. Free Image Hosting at ditto.. Free Image Hosting at ditto.. Free Image Hosting at ditto.. Free Image Hosting at graffiti tunnel in Burnaby, B.C. Free Image Hosting at

2 Responses

  1. holymotherofgod Says:

    I love Pawn Stars but I hate the way they low ball. I know its business, peeps are there for quick cash, but omg. Somethings worth 4 grand and they say can’t go over 2. Ouch already.

  2. CV Says:

    Yeah they def do low ball, LOL.

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