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Crazy Asian guy dancing on Lougheed Highway

The return of the crazy Asian guy dancing on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby. I was waiting for my wife at VanCity on Lougheed in Burnaby and my son was sleeping in the back so I went for a quick drive so he stays sleeping ( he wakes up if we sit still in the SUV too long..)

And there he was like clock work on Lougheed Highway near the Cactus Club/Tim Hortons, the wild dancing Asian man. Not bad actually, he gets paid to clown around, what could be better than that? Cheers to you dancing Asian guy, you make my day every time I see you!! Awesome.

2 Responses

  1. cole Says:

    lol, this guy has some pretty slick moves!

  2. CV Says:

    He’s a wild man. I’m going to hire him for my daughters birthday partay!

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