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Jan 31
LED Light Faucet Gadget In My WashRoom

My wife bought this cool led light faucet gadget that changes colors depending on if you are running cold water or hot water through the faucet. The price tag was $5.00, but usually I don’t give a s hi*t about BS things that cost alot but are basically useless. This is still useless but it’s only $5.00, so whatever.. It makes my washroom look like some pimp nightclub, lol.

She bought it at some Chinese store on Hastings Street, here in Vancouver. Maybe I should start selling these on EBay for $30.00, think that they would sell? Hmm…….

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Jan 3
This is what I did on New Years Eve…

This is what I did on New Years Eve…

I went to my brother in laws  for New Years.

  1. ordered Greek food from Stephos on Davie Street
  2. drank some booze
  3. laid on couch
  4. said Happy New New Year to everyone
  5. went home…

Dec 29
Merry Christmas From Groucho Marx

I dressed up as Santa Clause or in this case “Santa Cos”. I look more like Groucho Marx than Santa. I guess wearing your mom’s pink bathrobe, along with a moustache with glasses doesn’t cut it. It kinda scared the hell out of my son, my daughter looks scared as well, eep. Anyways it’s on YouTube for the world to see, enjoy.

Yours truly,
Santa Cos.

I’ll be back in Vegas in January for a few days, I miss you already Vegas!!

Dec 17
Interviewed By CNBC About Investing In Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas has been featured in the news quite a bit regarding foreclosures and the down turn of the real estate market here, CNBC came out here to Las Vegas to do a news report on it. The focus of CNBC for this certain news clip was out of country  investors buying up foreclosures at discount prices and the fierce competition. Long story short I was asked by my realtor David Brownell if I wanted to be interviewed by CNBC since I was an out of country investor. I saw the video clip on TV  and then I found it on their website. I also ended up using my digital camera and filming the video on the NBC website (just in case they take it down!). Here is the link to the NBC clip on their site: "Canadian investor C V, lol.. Sounds so weird hearing that." Here is my video of the video above (in case they take it down ever) And there is my 15 minutes of fame. If you want my autograph, just send me $5 with PayPal and I will email it to you, lol.

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Dec 4
Happy Friday From Las Vegas

It’s early 6am on Friday Dec 4th and the rest of the family is still sleeping so I can squeeze in a quick blog post before I do a bit of work then we go for our walk, and then back to work again. The temperature is dropping a bit, but nothing like Canada however you can feel a  pinch of coldness in the morning air now.

Lone Mountain is 4 blocks away from us, and it has a trail so we tried to use it however the baby stroller  got stuck in the sand and rocks so we had to turn back, ugh… Pretty cool desert scenery though, it reminds of all those western shows such as Bonanza…

there they are…

I actually haven’t seen too many cactus plants in Vegas, you would think they would be all over but there are very few. The landscape they plant in Las Vegas is mostly palm trees, so you can’t find many cactus plants in this desert. This was taken at Lone Mountain

I got my Def Jam shirt finally, when we went back to the Las Vegas Premium outlet stores and the Adidas store  had my size in stock! I hate Ed Hardy stuff, BIG TIME, it looks like hell to me but this shirt even thought it’s a little busy looked pretty good (but what do I know..).

On the way to the strip there was traffic backed up and I thought it was just rush hour, but it was because of this…

Outside of The Venetian Hotel, or is this Venice?

The original Las Vegas hotel, the Flamingo was started by the mob in particular Bugsy Seigel (jewish gangster) and his buddies Lucky Luciano and others. This city that was built by the mob…

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