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Apr 17
The Drive To Las Vegas From Vancouver

Yah, we arrived safe and sound at 7pm on Friday night! The truck was full of bugs and we were all tired but we arrived. Overall the drive from Vancouver to Vegas wasn’t that bad actually. We woke up at 6 am but didn’t leave Vancouver until 7 because having 2 kids always takes more time to do anything. The Peace Arch border was empty which was great. I got a speeding ticket  just before Seattle, fuck. It cost me $96, which sucked but whatever. I wasn’t trying to speed it just kinda happened. After that little fiasco I kept my truck on cruise control the rest of the road trip, so I couldn’t go over the speed limit.  We drove though the Cascade Mountains and Enumclaw, Washington, where it was pissing rain.

The drive from Vancouver to  Boise, Idaho was 10 hours, we  got to redneck Boise at 6 pm. We stayed the night in a really nice hotel that was basically brand new, and it only cost $63. We stayed in a town called Meridian which is a suburb of Boise. I found the hotel on and it was a 3 star hotel that had free wifi through out the hotel, as well as a complimentary breakfast for the whole family! It was well worth the price. If you want the best possible deals on hotels as well as airfare, then check out I’ll get the name later, can’t recall it right now.

I should also mention that every few hours my son would have a meltdown and start crying, so he would be let out of his car seat. He would cry for at least 30 minutes sometimes, and he cries really loud, lol. We did try to stop and give him what he needed (breast milk, diaper change or just comforting), but it wasn’t always an option. I knew driving 20 hours with small kids isn’t the easiest way to travel, but what the hell I like taking chances! Overall the kids were pretty damn good, I must say. The DVD players playing “How To Eat fried Worms” on the backseats might have something to do with their overall good behavior, lol.

The drive from Boise to Vegas started to drag the last few hours, since I just wanted to get there, unpack and relax. As we kept driving south in the desert towards Las Vegas the temperature kept creeping up and up.  By the time we got into Vegas the temperature was  27°C, it was perfect. Now I can relax in the sun for a month, work and not worrying about the rain.
Oh yeah for gas, I spent around $250 from Vancouver to Las Vegas which is pretty damn good considering I drive a V8 Escalade  that isn’t really economical. Gas in the USA is at $0.80 per liter compared to Vancouver that is at $1.12! Being Canadian we play allot more for gas, housing, you name it, compared to the Yankees. Now I can tell people I drove through Idaho, wee I am so proud, haha.

Ok that’s enough for now, time for an espresso.

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driving through Washington, rain and more rain….

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someone watching a DVD, with a lollipop..
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driving over some bridge in eastern Washington…

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A house on the move!
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Idaho = farm country & potatoes for miles and miles.

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Yes, there was still snow all over Nevada mountains

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We stopped in this creepy little town in South Nevada, to get some gas. I swear to god everyone was in bred lol.
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Having some food at the gas station…
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little town of horrors….

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I drove that truck for 20 hours in 2 days. I’m still tired thinking about it! I would never make it as a trucker!

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creepy town, USA.. Horror movie anyone? Reminds me of that cheezy movie called “House Of Wax“, with Paris Hilton in it.

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miles and miles of scenery like this..

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Palms trees in the middle of no where. Palm trees are not native to the desert FYI…

Apr 14
Las Vegas Road Trip 2010 Vancouver To Vegas In 20 Hrs

Well it looks like people are interested in doing online marketing, so far the DJ that I have been doing online marketing for is slow.  That is one problem I could have seen coming is the lack of traffic and searches for local searches as “Vancouver disc jockey”. Everything in life is about trial and error and you never know until you try.  That’s ok though I have my second client sand will be starting on building a quick site to promote via paid marketing and start ranking for organic traffic.

Today, however I am preparing for the big road trip down to Las Vegas. The whole trip is a 20 hour drive from Vancouver and going through potato county (Idaho) and then to Las Vegas . We will be stopping in off in Boise, Idaho for the night and then be in Vegas by roughly 3-4 pm Friday. I am super stoked since the temperature is a nice balmy 28 celcuis! I can’t wait!

I have a whole list of people coming to visit, from my brother and his family, my mother in law, as well as my wife’s aunt and uncle.  I have another friend going to down to Vegas who we will be meeting up with, as well as my 3 cousins and their spouses. It’s a full house. People from Vancouver love going to Las Vegas, it’s a cheap, quick get away.

Of course being the workaholic that I am, I will be working  by the pool courtesy of the free wifi available from the clubhouse  in my complex. I can’t wait to work by the pool, wee.

Well that’s about it for now. I need to do a bit of packing, then register a new domain name for the new local client that I will be doing online marketing for.

I took a screen shot from Google Maps of the exact route we will be taking to get down to Vegas. This is the 20 hours driving route, I could have taken the 1-5 route through Oregon and cut across Cali but I would rather save the 4 hours an drive through farm country.  I can always take the scenic route on the way back if I want to.

Next post is from Vegas, ciao!!!!!!!

Apr 9
Vancouver Local Affiliate Marketing

So, I have decided to change my business model slightly. I am still going to do affiliate marketing however now I am going to be targeting local businesses here in Vancouver and possibly in Las Vegas. The goal is  to target local businesses who have a limited web presence and are not advertising online at the moment. There is a huge opportunity there for someone like me who can market online.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a dental practice in Vancouver and are looking to get new patients. The way to go about generating new business at a fraction of the cost of the Yellow Pages is the Internet. This is the absolute best way for you as a business owner to get the most bang for your buck, why?

Paying $500 month for a page ad in the Yellow Pages is old news. Wouldn’t you as a business like to pay for only individual people who actually contact you by email or phone? If someone is searching for “Burnaby dentist” or  “Burnaby divorce lawyer”, then they come to your website (that I could create) and fill out a  form so you can contact them back.  You as a client only pay  for the lead of a person who is truly interested in what you have to offer.  This is called pay for performance. I get paid only when someone actually contacts you to set up and appointment to have their teeth cleaned or for a divorce consultation.

This is nothing new, just something I haven never focused on a local level. My marketing has always been international, from the UK to the US, and even Italy, until now. I feel the opportunities are endless for me using this local business model. The client would actually get a free trial and they would be able to evaluate the leads for a period of  a few days to one month depending on how many leads they receive. If they get 40 leads from me that would be a sufficient number for them to contact those people and get business out of them.  If they get business from my leads then we move on, and then they can begin paying for the leads they will receive as  a result on my marketing efforts.   Wouldn’t you want to work with me if it costed you nothing for a test run and then if only you were happy would you then start paying for leads sent to you? I thought so.

I am excited to get this up and running, and my first client should be up and running in the next few days. Honestly I feel that the sky is the absolute limit with this. If  I wanted I could use this model in every city in the USA, Canada etc. For now I’m going to start small and then go from there, but this I feel is the beginning of something huge for me.  I have done cold calling , so I know how to get clients. I know where to get clients  and how to talk to them.  The time is now, for me to start my next reinvention. I can see this business model making me $60,000 monthly in a 6 month time frame.

Today I am in the process of getting my PHP coding done (tracking, keywords searched, subids and information via a form to be sent to my client as well as myself.) I also plan to implement the technology of Google Voice to be able to track phone calls, right down to what people searched for on Google.

I have been trying to find a long lasting Internet marketing niche, that won’t die overnight and I think I finally found. The best part about this is that now I can help local business grow immensely. If you are a local business who wants to get customers from the Internet, then this is your chance.

3 Easy step process

  1. Risk free to you (I setup up the phone tracking, I create the website, I pay for all the advertising and you collect the leads for free. ) You pay for nothing.
  2. After a certain amount of days, weeks or certain amount of free leads, we can evaluate the quality of the leads I am generating for you, then you can choose to move forward or not.
  3. You start gaining more customers because of the Internet, and I purse more places to advertise for you,(remember I pay for all the advertising) . More clients, more $$ for you and for me. Everyone is happy.

In all honesty I truly believe that this is a huge opportunity for local business owners in Vancouver or anywhere for that matter. If you are interested in generating more business risk FREE, then contact me by using the form below.

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Feb 9
The 2010 Olympics Are Almost Here & I’m Almost Gone

As Vancouver gets ready for the Olympics to start, we are getting ready to get the f*ck out of here and spend 3 weeks down south in Las Vegas. From February 10 to March 5, I will be a “snowbird”, once again. I will be watching my home town (Vancouver), from an American perspective, it should be interesting. I hear the Terminator will be carrying the Olympic torch through Stanley park in the next day or so, can’t wait to see that. Right now the Olympic torch is in Surrey and will arrive in the city of Vancouver, three days from now. Tomorrow the torch will be in New West, then through Richmond, then through UBC and finally downtown Vancouver on February 12, 2010 for the opening ceremony.

It’s the “Pink Gangster”, sporting the velvet Puma track suit, before we go for drive downtown…

It’s a beautiful city, that is for sure (especially when it’s NOT raining…). Going down Oak Steet bridge from Broadway

Caught on Burrard & Georgia, this thing is HUGE. Awesome!!

There are hundreds of Olympic vehicles all over the place. It looks like General Motors is the official car manufacturer for the 2010 Olympics.

We sat in the Escalade and had our caffe lattes, while watching Canadian Pacific freight trains roll by on a Sunday afternoon.

A shot of the wheat pool on the Burrard inlet, just off of Powell Street in downtown Vancouver

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Feb 6
Crazy Asian guy dancing on Lougheed Highway

The return of the crazy Asian guy dancing on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby. I was waiting for my wife at VanCity on Lougheed in Burnaby and my son was sleeping in the back so I went for a quick drive so he stays sleeping ( he wakes up if we sit still in the SUV too long..)

And there he was like clock work on Lougheed Highway near the Cactus Club/Tim Hortons, the wild dancing Asian man. Not bad actually, he gets paid to clown around, what could be better than that? Cheers to you dancing Asian guy, you make my day every time I see you!! Awesome.

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