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Jun 5
So You Want To Be Rich, Making Money Online?

With smoking hot temperatures in Vancouver, it’s a struggle to focus on making money online. I’d rather be outside getting my tan on (like I really need one), but money is money and you can’t live  a good life without it.  Over the past year, a few friends have asked me to show them how I make money online and trust me it’s not nearly as easy as you think it is. I have been working online for the past 7 -8 years so I have lots of experience in the whole process. This game is constantly changing and you need to really want to succeed to “make it happen”. There is no easy road, and I’m not giving away my secrets for anyone. It took much too long for me to figure this shit out to give it away in 30 minute conversation, sorry kids.

That being said I do have something I can give everyone who is interested in making money online. One of the most famous of the “make money online” bloggers, ShoeMoney as he calls himself is offering a free 12 week online course on internet marketing that anyone can sign up for . Yes, it’s FREE. If you ever wanted to know what the hell it is I do all day long then register for free and learn. Who knows, this could change your life. I’m even taking the course, because I may learn something new that can take my business to the next level, who knows. Never be too lazy to learn something new. Sitting on your ass watching the hockey game, will never get you making 6 figures per year.

And without further bullshit here is the link to sign up for ShoeMoney’s free 12 week internet marketing course. Now go make papa proud, and when you get rich don’t forget who gave you the link.  Bada bing! Good luck!

some pretty pictures I took:







Apr 2
Making Money Online & Other Stuff

I feel like I have a few minutes to spare since the library down the street I work  from opens at 10 am and it’s only 9:10 right now.  Why pay for office space when you can use a library, seriously. Besides the April Fools prank that Mother Nature played on Vancouver yesterday will the retarded snow falling on my street, things have been pretty good.

It doesn’t really feel like April out there but what the hell are you going to do right? I have been what I am usually doing trying to make my NEXT million. That being said I felt I needed a little break and treated myself to putting up a blog post (oooooh).  Yes I am an over achiever. In school I sucked b*lls, because who really wants to learn about Canada’s history right? Well I can tell you from personal experience no 12 year old kid in Canada wants to focus on history or school for that matter. I wasn’t much of a scholar and passed with C’s, nothing more, nothing less.   Probably like many of you guys, right boys?  Don’t worry cause we all find our “true calling” one way or another.

Some friends  have asked how I make money online and while I don’t like to reveal my strategies because it has taken me years to refine them and it takes an amazing amount of work to achieve success in this business and stay afloat. One thing I could put out there are the blogs that I visit on a daily basis  to learn some new tricks and tips.  I want to stress to all my friends and others who read my blog that it is not nearly as easy as you think to make money online. You need a tons of skills to really make it happen.

Some skills you need to make money online:

  1. web design skills
  2. coding skills (html, php if possible)
  3. copy writing skills (write articles & web content)
  4. drive (the ability to work hard ALL THE TIME…)
  5. creativity (you need to think outside f the box, you really do)
  6. positive attitude (when the sh*t hits the fan you need to dig through it)

I’m not trying to discourage anyone I am just listing exactly what you need to make it the way I have been.  It’s not a cake walk by any means and reinventing yourself is all part of the game (can’t stand that part). Yes, you can set it and forget it but not for too long and definitely not for any long period of time. One thing you can count on when working online, things always change and they continue to do so. Google especially loves to make it tough for affiliate marketers (me), to make a buck. Don’t ask me why that is another story in itself.

My list of  “make money online” personal blogs, that I read personally:

  1. CDF Networks
  2. Uber Affiliate
  3. Jonathan Volk
  4. Nicky Cakes
  5. Shoe Money
  6. Cash Tactics –  Amazing archived blog posts, that have ton of useful info.

These guys usually update every few days. I suggest you read through all their archives to find out the real nuggets. It’s a ton of reading and yes I have read basically all of the posts on all of those sites, except  All the reading I missed in school I have made of for the last 5 years reading all this stuff online.

Ok enough said, this how I evolve with my business currently, you can read my “About” page to read it all. Time to roll it’s 9:54 am, ciao………


I added a few pics of some flowers, ooooh…

bumble bee working hard

worker in Punta Cana climbing up a coconut tree to get some coconuts…

Apr 27
Wasting Time Online, My Solution To Poor Time Management

Somtimes getting away from the computer is the best way to get work done. I’m the kind of guy who needs to be dragged of the computer most times, call me a little bit obsessive I guess? But lately it seemsI would get on the computer in the morning at 7 am but by the end of the day what did I accomplish? Well, I felt I wasn’t doing much with my day, reading too many blogs, checking my stats too much, checking email every 5 minutes, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line it’s way to easy to get distracted online, the internet is basically one big distraction really.

The problem with working online is that the distraction is alway right in front of you, lol. To get over the amount of time I waste I am changing my routine around. First off, no blog posts until after 5 pm, so that way I have had tons of time during the day to do “real work”. This blog is a distraction but it’s fun. Second before I actually sit down I have a goal in mind that day, I don’t sit down unless I have something in mind to do. At the forefront of my mind is how can I make more money, how can I optimize that campaign better, how can i get more traffic? Thinking about these questions leads to a more productive way of thinking, which forces me to focus on making money. This leads to less time wasted in front of the computer, simple fact.

The bottom line

Basically I am training my brain to focus on ways to expand my income and make more money online all the time. I try not to give my mind free time to wander and waste time. I bet I could work 3 hours and get just as much done as I would in a regular 8 hour day, crazy but very true.

Now that I have 2 kids I need to have better time management, I can’t just sit here all day and night for 15 hours every day of the week Monday thru Sunday. That isn’t fair to my kids or my wife, this is also a reason I need to focus more. I don’t want to be the dad that is “always working”, and never has time for his kids. The reason I work is so I can provide a great life and stable future for my kids and wife. What’s the point in working if I never spend time with them? Life is about family, not money. Money is supposed to be there to pay for your life, money shouldn’t be your life.

How much time do you think you waste in a given day? Leave a comment I’m interested to know your thoughts, as well as tips you use to stay on track.


Apr 25
On My Way To $100,000 A Month

I was thinking about my goals today and I want to make $100,00 month in profit smily face. I’m not sure when I want to achieve this by. 100k a month would be 1.2 million per year, not too shabby. I really believe I can and will do this, but by what date? If you have a goal you need to have a date as to when it will be achieved by. I think I can pull this off by September 2008, so that gives me like 5 months to a little over doubling my affiliate marketing income. Can I do it? Hell yeah! I don’t have it all figured out, but it will happen. The law of attraction will do it’s magic, along with me working hard and will become a reality for me. smily face

I need to branch out into different niches to achieve my goal, and then from there I need to scale my pay per click campaigns to their maximum potential. It’s amazing the amount of money you can pull in with pay per click marketing, it’s unreal. This is not some cake walk though, you really need to know lots of different areas in order to really succeed at internet marketing.

Skills you need to be a good internet marketer:

  1. web design/layout – designing your own websites & landing pages (photoshop skills, design skills)
  2. html/php – coding your own websites, blog & landing pages
  3. copy writing – writing effective PPC ads & copy for your websites/ landing pages
  4. research – this is the most important factor. You need the ability to dig into a niche and find ways to generate traffic (even in competitive niches).

The last part I added because some friends were asking about how you do pay per click, hopefully they read this and understand it’s not nearly as easy as they think. Anyone can do PPC marketing as long as you’re willing to work 12 hours a day and already have a good portion of the skills I listed above. You need to have the drive to do ANYTHING to achive your goal. A real burning desire and commitment to “make it happen”.

Th reason I blog about how much I want to make financially is because this is how I reach my goals by writing them down, it helps so do it. Don’t just sit on your ass, make it happen. You are the creator of your own destiny, where do you want to be in 5 years? Where do you want to be in 5 months, 5 weeks? Plan ahead, and control YOUR LIFE, don’t let your life control you….

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Apr 12
Having Problems With Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_constrain_dimensions() in

I was having a weird issue when I upgraded to WordPress 2.5. I tried to upload my images but I kept a php error, so I did some reaearching online to fix it. I have the links that helped me fix this WordPress 2.5 PHP error, hopefully it helps someone out.

I was getting this error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_constrain_dimensions() in

Here is how I fixed the problem. You need to replace all the root files in WordPress folder (except config.php). ** Not only wp-admin and wp-includes folders.

  1. There is a topic on this problem on this page
  2. If you haven’t read them, here are the directions to upgrade to WordPress 2.5

I am not much of a PHP guy so I can’t really help much, lol. If I have a problem all I do is hit the search engines to find a fix for it. PHP basically looks like Chinese to me, I can adjust some small parts of the code but I cannot write it from scratcth. I hope this helps.

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