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Jan 21
The Tim Hortons Line Up on Commercial Drive

Today wasn’t very eventful (except for Obama becoming Prez, hooray!), and I had to kick myself in the ass to get working. I hate it when I don’t know what I need to do. So I just ended up browsing around  the web a bit. I ended up finding some blog from some girl in Toronto (Raymi The Minx) who has been blogging for 9 years, and she blogs like crazy. Then my thoughts came back and then the work started flowing FINALLY. I get in these weird moods where I just  don’t know what I need to do next, and working for yourself makes it even harder because there is no one there to tell you what to do next (can be good & bad).

*** Oh and I ended up backing out of a condo that I put an offer on in New West, after me and my realtor went through the strata minutes. Leaky condo, NO THANKS!!

Overall just another basic day (hate this f*cking fog though, ugh)………

Commercial Drive, walking to new Tim Hortons

Commercial Drive Tim Hortons


lineup Tim Hortons  – “Where’s My Donut?”

lineup Tim Hortons


me at Tim Hortons

me at Tim Hortons

I hate this washroom, smells like………….. (Renfrew Library)

Jan 15
Bounced Rent Check, Uh Oh!

Not every day is all smiles, especially when the rent check bounces! That happened to me yesterday. i checked my mail from Vancity (my bank) and I see a returned check from my new renters in the Poco condo. This is where it sucks being a landlord, ugh. I hate dealing with this sh*t. This is a family with 2 young kids, that makes it even worse. Overall I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but in reality you know rent is due on a certain so you should make sure you have the money in your f*cking account! That is the part of owning properties that always suck , dead beat tenants.  But I will say it again, being a land lord is better than having a real job, if you ask me…

I called the tenants and then I get a story of course. The wife hasn’t spoke to the husband and doesn’t know what’s going on. She will call back when she finds out, blah, blah, blah. So I get the call back and she will have the rent on Friday long story, short. We will see. If there isn’t any rent then I will give them the 5 day notice in writing. If they don’t pay within 5 days of that notice they are gone. I don’t have time for b*llsh*t. I might sound like an assh*le but after you deal with enough people giving you the run around, your warm side tends to evaporate. Most renters are pretty good people but I hate the long B.S stories, that amount to fresh air spewing out of their mouths. Pay up or F-OFF, plain and simple…

A check is a check, if your boss gave you the run around about why you couldn’t be paid this week how would you feel? Getting checks from people who rent from you is no different, they need to pay for the service I offer, which is a clean home to live in.

That’s enough for now. I feel like Mr. Roper from Three’s Company………. BLAH!

Nov 5
I Put An offer On A 2 Bed Room Port Coquitlam Condo

I put the offer on the 2 bedroom condo in Port Coquitlam. Unfortunately there is another person interested in it as well, so now we have to sit and wait  for the vendor to decide which offer he likes better.  This is a 2 bedroom loft/ penthouse suite for $199,000. Over 1000 square feet with a sweet  patio up top that is awesome. I really love this place and I would have no problem moving in myself (If I was single). The loft has amazing vaulted cathedral ceilings that gives you a really open feeling.  Anyways I took a bunch of photos so if/when  we get the place I can list it on Craigslist right away for renting. It should rent for $1500 – $1600. You can see the photos of the condo below, looks pretty sweet right?

Aug 7
Diversify Or Die – Have PPC Eggs In Many Baskets

eggsPutting all your eggs in one basket, something that many people seem to do when working online. It’s easy to when you find something that is working great why bother diversifying? There are numerous reasons to diversify your online income. If the big money maker you have been raking in $1000s from suddenly dies then you’re screwed.

If the niche you are promoting becomes over saturated by other affiliates then what? You need to think ahead and so do I. Years ago when I first started making money online, I created about 20 sites on different niches ranging from coffee machines, rc cars, cell phones, hdtv and others.  Back then I didn’t pay for traffic like I do now. Instead I used to write content that ranked high in the search engines and I received organic search traffic for me, pretty cool right? Actually it was nice while it lasted but then Google did one of there famous updates and all my organic traffic started to crumble, I still had Yahoo and MSN but eventually it all fizzled away.

I had to adapt or die and I did, this is part of the reason I got into PPC marketing. I needed to make money or what, find a  job? HELL NO!

I’m starting to feel the need to spread my eggs around in different baskets, and this is part of this weeks goal. I am going to start researching new niches, completely different from what I do now.

Jun 22
Suspended From Google AdWords

Logging into my account AdWords account this morning and I see that I have 0 impressions. I then do a quick search on for some of the keywords that I pay for, they are not there. I get a little worried but at the same time I think it might be one of Google’s little glitches. I then contact an adwords specialist via AdWords online chat.

I explain to the person on the chat what is going on and I wait a few minutes as they are “checking into the problem”. Unsure of the what the problem is, the person then “escalates” it to the “AdWords technical department”. I wait 2 day to get a response back (still no traffic) and I get this lovely email.

Google’s email

“Thank you for your patience. It has come to our attention that your
Google AdWords account does not comply with our terms of service and
advertising policies. You have repeatedly submitted ads that violated our
Affiliate URL policies in a related account. As a result, this account has
been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google.

As noted in our Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to
terminate advertisements for any reason. To view our Terms and Conditions,
please visit

We appreciate your cooperation.”

I almost had a heart attack, after I read this seriously. I have a family to feed and Google just turned off the waterfall of money. I admit it was my fault, but it was unintentional really. I never meant to break their rules, it’s just that their rules are so vague, they are seriously hard to interpret. They could at least have some suggestions on how I could fix my landing page so I wouldn’t be violating their terms. Their only suggestion was that I direct link to the affiliate company, basically scrap my landing page all together. Is that a good idea, I don’t think since it limits my ability to control how the user interacts with the page. Basically my landing page was designed to convert with a big “click here” button, with some basic information about the site in bullet points,  something they don’t like as it is an “affiliate bridge page” in their eyes. It’s tough to make AdWords happy and at the same time have a profitable campaign going, that converts into buyers.

I emailed back stating I was truly sorry and it would never ever happen again.

This is their response

“As mentioned in our previous email, your Google AdWords accounts have been
suspended due to multiple policy disapprovals. We are unable to revoke
your account suspensions, and we will not accept advertisements from you
in the future.

Please note that our support team is unable to help you with this issue,
and we ask that you do not contact them about this matter. If you need
more information about our content policy guidelines, please visit”

I then called then and pleaded my case, still no go. The AdWords specialists decision is final… ( like a judgement from God). I cannot do anything, I am banned from Google for life, FOREVER. I explained that I was truly sorry and also explained I spend roughly $45,000 per month with them on advertising, no go. $45,000 x 12 months=$540,000 per year that they are saying goodbye to. I am truly in shock that they would let that amount of money disappear, for such silly “violations”.I got kicked to the curb, and I was completely shocked as you might imagine.

Google is my business without it I have nothing. This to me is like life and death, honestly. It’s how I support my family and how I planned on retiring.

So Now What?

Well I started researching online for “banned by AdWords”, “suspended by by AdWords”, “AdWords suspension” and so on. It seems like Google AdWords teams like to ban people very frequently and easily. For the time being I am relaxing and remaining calm. I am still in shock as to how they treated me, I wasn’t trying to advertise porn, it wasn’t gambling. I made the mistake of not designing my affiliate landing page properly (which they call a “bridge page”). I didn’t realize how to create the right design for an affiliate landing page so as to not break Google’s golden rules. I was wrong I admit it, but do they need to ban me forever for advertising for such small mistakes. Even criminals get second chances. We are human and we make mistakes, don’t you Google??? Have compassion for people, it would do you a world of good.

In any case it’s their company they can do whatever they like. I would love to know what amount of advertising income is derived from people like myself, affiliate marketers? They hate us, but how much money do we make Google AdWords? I would love to know………

I did find numerous posts from people wondering if they can create a new AdWords account. Apparently this is a difficult task to do, to say the least. In order to create a new Google AdWords account from what I have read you need to do the following:

  1. New business name
  2. New address
  3. New name.
  4. New credit card
  5. New websites
  6. New computer
  7. New IP address

That is an insane amount to do for being banned from AdWords, to get back in. I guess it would be worth it to do, but seriously I’m too stressed to even bother. Maybe I’ll get my real estate liscense and forget AdWords and their Nazi attitude. It’s amazing how poorly they treat people., but what comes around goes around. No one can stay on top forever, especially if you bit the hand that feeds you…..

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