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Apr 9
Vancouver Local Affiliate Marketing

So, I have decided to change my business model slightly. I am still going to do affiliate marketing however now I am going to be targeting local businesses here in Vancouver and possibly in Las Vegas. The goal is  to target local businesses who have a limited web presence and are not advertising online at the moment. There is a huge opportunity there for someone like me who can market online.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a dental practice in Vancouver and are looking to get new patients. The way to go about generating new business at a fraction of the cost of the Yellow Pages is the Internet. This is the absolute best way for you as a business owner to get the most bang for your buck, why?

Paying $500 month for a page ad in the Yellow Pages is old news. Wouldn’t you as a business like to pay for only individual people who actually contact you by email or phone? If someone is searching for “Burnaby dentist” or  “Burnaby divorce lawyer”, then they come to your website (that I could create) and fill out a  form so you can contact them back.  You as a client only pay  for the lead of a person who is truly interested in what you have to offer.  This is called pay for performance. I get paid only when someone actually contacts you to set up and appointment to have their teeth cleaned or for a divorce consultation.

This is nothing new, just something I haven never focused on a local level. My marketing has always been international, from the UK to the US, and even Italy, until now. I feel the opportunities are endless for me using this local business model. The client would actually get a free trial and they would be able to evaluate the leads for a period of  a few days to one month depending on how many leads they receive. If they get 40 leads from me that would be a sufficient number for them to contact those people and get business out of them.  If they get business from my leads then we move on, and then they can begin paying for the leads they will receive as  a result on my marketing efforts.   Wouldn’t you want to work with me if it costed you nothing for a test run and then if only you were happy would you then start paying for leads sent to you? I thought so.

I am excited to get this up and running, and my first client should be up and running in the next few days. Honestly I feel that the sky is the absolute limit with this. If  I wanted I could use this model in every city in the USA, Canada etc. For now I’m going to start small and then go from there, but this I feel is the beginning of something huge for me.  I have done cold calling , so I know how to get clients. I know where to get clients  and how to talk to them.  The time is now, for me to start my next reinvention. I can see this business model making me $60,000 monthly in a 6 month time frame.

Today I am in the process of getting my PHP coding done (tracking, keywords searched, subids and information via a form to be sent to my client as well as myself.) I also plan to implement the technology of Google Voice to be able to track phone calls, right down to what people searched for on Google.

I have been trying to find a long lasting Internet marketing niche, that won’t die overnight and I think I finally found. The best part about this is that now I can help local business grow immensely. If you are a local business who wants to get customers from the Internet, then this is your chance.

3 Easy step process

  1. Risk free to you (I setup up the phone tracking, I create the website, I pay for all the advertising and you collect the leads for free. ) You pay for nothing.
  2. After a certain amount of days, weeks or certain amount of free leads, we can evaluate the quality of the leads I am generating for you, then you can choose to move forward or not.
  3. You start gaining more customers because of the Internet, and I purse more places to advertise for you,(remember I pay for all the advertising) . More clients, more $$ for you and for me. Everyone is happy.

In all honesty I truly believe that this is a huge opportunity for local business owners in Vancouver or anywhere for that matter. If you are interested in generating more business risk FREE, then contact me by using the form below.

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Jun 5
So You Want To Be Rich, Making Money Online?

With smoking hot temperatures in Vancouver, it’s a struggle to focus on making money online. I’d rather be outside getting my tan on (like I really need one), but money is money and you can’t live  a good life without it.  Over the past year, a few friends have asked me to show them how I make money online and trust me it’s not nearly as easy as you think it is. I have been working online for the past 7 -8 years so I have lots of experience in the whole process. This game is constantly changing and you need to really want to succeed to “make it happen”. There is no easy road, and I’m not giving away my secrets for anyone. It took much too long for me to figure this shit out to give it away in 30 minute conversation, sorry kids.

That being said I do have something I can give everyone who is interested in making money online. One of the most famous of the “make money online” bloggers, ShoeMoney as he calls himself is offering a free 12 week online course on internet marketing that anyone can sign up for . Yes, it’s FREE. If you ever wanted to know what the hell it is I do all day long then register for free and learn. Who knows, this could change your life. I’m even taking the course, because I may learn something new that can take my business to the next level, who knows. Never be too lazy to learn something new. Sitting on your ass watching the hockey game, will never get you making 6 figures per year.

And without further bullshit here is the link to sign up for ShoeMoney’s free 12 week internet marketing course. Now go make papa proud, and when you get rich don’t forget who gave you the link.  Bada bing! Good luck!

some pretty pictures I took:







Mar 19
All Work, No Play

Where have I been? Hmm, well I have been busy trying to get my online sales back up. When it rains it pours and this is what happened to me. First off one of the search engines I advertise on, seems to have changed their editorial guidelines and this caused me tons of grief. Like most online companies I deal with they change rules and don’t even tell you about it at all. One day you’re getting tons of traffic to your affiliate offers and the next day NOTHING. This is frustrating to say the least and has pissed me off more times than I even want to remember.  Going from $1,000s per day in sales to %10-20% of that can be tough to take. Luckily for me I am smarter than I usually look and I figure ways out of these type of messes.

I am in the process of finding other products to promote to bring my sales back up. Affiliate marketing is either making you ton of cash or it’s dries up, then you need to reinvent yourself and move forward and look at new things to promote. It’s definitely not as easy as you think. You need tough skin, ambition, perseverance and a “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude.

That’s the reason I haven’t been on my blog, it’s a waste of time when I could be making money. That is how I feel, so when the sh*t hits the fan I’m working hard to bring it back up. And luckily I have enough saved up to last me 3 lifetimes. That being said it always sucks when you have the carpet pulled underneath you, it drives me nuts every single time. ARGH!!

I went through all the emotions that I usually do when this happens. I get in a state of  denial, shock, angry, depression and then frantic. When I am frantic I start working like a mad man to get things going back up. That’s where I am and have been for the last few days. I hate being where I perceive the “bottom” to be. It’s not as bad as I make it out to be, but for me personally I don’t like where I am so I do whatever it takes to get “back up”.

Working online is a constant battle to get traffic and keep traffic coming. I know for most of you guys it doesn’t make much sense, but let’s put it this way. Making money online is harder than you think, even if the traffic is flowing in. Just because it involves a computer many people perceive it to be “easy money”, far, far from it. This is the hardest I have ever worked in my life, by far.

If I learned one thing this time that I already kinda knew is that things can change from one day to another so you better make sure you’re covered when the well dries up.  Having everything in one basket is the biggest mistake that you can make when you work for yourself. Diversification is the key to staying afloat in the “tough times”.

Obviously I love what i do, but it is hard work and can be very emotional to say the least. The emotional ups and downs, can get to you that’s for damn sure. I know I will get back up, because I have been through these type of scenarios (many times) before in the last 6 years and I ALWAYS come out better than before.  I come out stronger and smarter but it still SUCKS…..

note: This is not because of the bad economic conditions of the USA or Canada. This is simply due to search engines changing their rules on what products they will allow advertising for. Enough on that.

Enough for now, back to work….


Feb 18
I’m Back Baby & Ready To Make My NEXT Million

Since my earnings dropped from my high I’m getting back into the swing of things. I was kinda bummed out for the last 3 weeks, but now I am getting my groove back on.  I am no where near broke or anything like that, far, far from it. It’s like if Donald Trump was pulling in 300 million a year then it dropped to 150 million a year. It went down 50% but from a large sum that most people would still die for. That being said I figured out a way to get out of my slump and it’s stupidly simple.

I realized like most people when you are feeling down you tend to be lazier and dwell on the past or negativity. How I combated this was super simple, I am keeping busy working (like I should be). At the moment I am basically thinking of every possible method that I can use to make even more money now. It makes sense and I have said it before, what you focus on will expand. I focused on doing nothing, and nothing was acvomplished, very simple. What a waste of f*ck*ng time!

My business is all about how much I put into it. If I don’t work for the week, then I won’t see increases in my earnings. My income will usually just stay the same, which isn’t bad by any means. But this is a million dollar business, and it needs to be taken seriously if you want to get that million…

Another thing I know and noticed more this past few weeks is that the more I work, the more fulfilled I feel inside. I feel like I accomplished something, and that makes me feel good. I HATE just wasting time on nothing and the last few weeks I feel that I would just dwell on what could have been. I have had set backs before (lots of them) and I always come back stronger than ever, this time will be the same as before I’m sure of that.

It doesn’t take much to make a ton of cash in affiliate marketing once you know how to do it. It’s just a matter of actually doing it. I am by no means a lazy person, but  finally I feel like I am back to myself, productive and aggressive.

I am heading off to the Dominican Republic on Sunday and I will be gone for 2 weeks, which is a much needed break. I will come back even more energized and ready to take on the world. Sometimes when life kicks in you in the b*lls, it’s a bit hard to get back up. But you know, I am pretty damn proud of what I have accomplished in the last 5 years of my life,  not many people are able to do what I have done. Most of my friends wouldn’t even believe it, if I told them. It was  a TON of work to learn what I know now, it’s insane really. If you think making money online is easy, then think again. It’s easy when you know what I know and send countless hours learning, everything from PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, WordPress, copy writing, landing page design, color theory, how to write articles, how to deal with online ad agencies, how to do pay per click and so on, b lah, blah, blah………….. A ton of stuff to know.

Anyways, I am just happy that I got my groove back, and I am feeling better and kicking ass once again. Bada Bing!! smily face smily face smily face smily face

Jan 29
When Life Punches You In The Face, Then Fight Back

After venting about my problems in my last post, today I feel a renewed sense of energy today. For those who know me, they know I can bitch and whine, then I just get back into it. For some reason I feel great today, even with the recent pitfalls. But if you can’t get back up when life punches you in the face you’re not much of a man if you ask me.  Having pitfalls makes me stronger. Every time something like this happens to me, I get back stronger and make even more money.  Maybe that is why I am soo excited? I guess that ‘s the reason I feel revived, because I know I am going to make even more money very soon. It’s a weird cycle in my life, when sh*t happens it ALWAYS works out for the better. It’s strange but oh so true scenario in my life.

Maybe it’s just the way I view life, but things always get better for me after they dip. So let’s get this day started and see how great it will be…  And if you’re the kind of person to look at the dark side of life, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. When you are down and out, how can you possibly move forward? I will tell, YOU CAN’T!  Cry for an hour then work hard after that. Get your spirit back and run with the bulls. Don’t be a wimp, have balls and get it going!

If you’re life is hard, give it the middle finger and tell yourself you can and will succeed. You have no choice but to succeed, it’s you life and you need to control it the way you want it to turn out.  Think of your life as a school  bus and you are the driver. You need to control it, speed up when it’s needed and put the brakes when you have to. If you need to make detour to get to where you are going, then do it.  You are in control of your life, so make damn sure you like the view, if not then change the course of your life.

You have only one life, so live it the way you want to ever single day of it.


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