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Nov 19
$7,000 Per Day – Did I Reach It?

In Spetember I wrote about my goal to reach $7,000 profit per day by day. The BIG QUESTION, did I reach 7k per day? I was a little worried that I wouldn’t reach my goal and in one way I didn’t.  I reach roughly $7,500 gross per day about 3 days ago, and it been holding around that daily now. Profit wise that is about $5,000 to $5,5500 profit per day. I didn’t reach the $7,000 profit goal (it’s gross) however this is more than fine by me.  I’m only  $1,500 away from my goal so I would have to say that this is a success, even though I didn’t get my 7k profit per day goal reached. I still have shot up way up on profit from when I originally posted the 7k  day goal, in September!

I need to state this did just not fall in my lap, I busted my ass finding new places to advertise to make this possible. It is far from easy to do this, even though I may make it look easy. I have never worked as hard i n my life as I have the last 10 years in web design/ affiliate marketing.

Does the law of attraction work? I think it does it has helped me reach my goals time and time and time again. Just read my goal posts for the last year it’s really incredible. From buying condos in Vancouver to daily income goals, to buying my condo in Las Vegas (where I’m blogging from), it has all come true.

Personally I believe you can do anything you want, I am living proof of that. Back when I was a carpenter/cabinet maker if you told me I would be where I am right now, it wouldn’t have been hard for me to envision it. And I still remember saying that I wanted to retire by 40 when I was still making cabinets for $17.27 per hour, now it can actually happen. I’m 40 next year, so retirement can easily happen for me. It’s unreal how all my goals have been reached….

Tips on reaching your goals:

  • be focused
  • be realistic (don’t try to make 10 million per day by next month if you’re making $150 a day right now…)
  • don’t expect it to fall in your lap (you need to make this happen, it’s YOUR life….)
  • work hard (if you are lazy and don’t put the time in, then don’t expect to get anywhere…  NO EXCUSES)
  • know what you really want in life
  • be honest and don’t BS yourself (if your goals are too high, you lie only to yourself….)
  • work ethic (how bad do you want?)

If you really want to achieve your goals it needs to be on your mind all the f’n time! Want to loose 50 lbs, then don’t you dare eat that burger! Go to the gym every f’n day no matter what!!! Can you handle that? Working, when you don’t want to, just to reach your goal, I DO.

Who else would go to Las Vegas for a month and still wake up at 6 am  and work until 4 pm , Monday to Friday daily?!? I do… I hate not being honest with myself, it really bugs me so I HAVE TO get what I want, and I do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen. Is that you?

I work first then have fun later, I always have and I always will. PERIOD.  I have no clue why I’m this way, but I hated being shitty at anything I did in my life.

Do it 100% or  don’t even bother!!

Enough said. Time to get back to work, then I pick up my friend from the airport.

A few photos for you before I get back to work….

Jun 19
Back To “The Secret”

Lately I have been down because like I mentioned my income has dropped because of Google making it harder and harder for affiliates to advertise on their system. I don’t want to go into the whole thing because in reality it’s one of the stupidest thing I have ever had to deal with in my life. Basically Google is trying to eliminate the “middle men” (affiliates), they basically want advertising business only from actual online business, not people promoting for the online business. Confusing? Yeah don’t bother worrying about it, ha ha.

I have been getting away from advertising with Google because they have drastically dropped the amount of traffic they are giving my affiliate sites. I have gone through hoops to follow their guidelines but they just push it way to far. They may control a huge amount of the internet traffic however there are many other places to advertise online and I am in the midst of testing these other sources. Why they are pushing away someone (me), who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly with them is crazy (especially since I truly do try to make them “happy”). Google will see once their revenues drop in the next quarter that they way treat affiliate marketers is horrible.  Hopefully they will realize that this part of the customer base spends millions and millions of dollars with them monthly. In most cases affiliates spend more on promoting products than the actual product owners do.  I have no clue why they are doing this, Yahoo and MSN don’t treat people nearly as harsh as Google. There is no compassion or human feeling from the biggest online ad agency.

What comes around goes around, let’s wait and see what happens.

I have found it hard to focus being in such a depressed state of mind. I am going back to my roots and have started watch “The Secret” once again, over and over. I point to “The Secret” as being my number one reason for helping me focus on what I actually want from my life, financially. I achieved every single goal that I wrote down, and some of those financial goals were HUGE.

I am now resetting my thinking to focus on what I want and not what I don’t want.  That is the basic principle of the “law of attraction”. Controlling how you feel is one of the most important things that you will ever learn. It worked for me and now it will work again. I don’t want to ramble on and on about this. All I know is that it does work, and I am living proof. Even though I get into these depressed moods lately, I knew in the back of my mind about “law of attraction” I just forgot about it the last while. I am already changing that once again. I don’t want to be the victim anymore, so fuck that, it’s  time to start make even more monies online.

“law of attraction”

Mar 27
The Secret To Feeling Great, When You Feel Like Crap

I have written about the power of positive thinking and “The Secret” in previous posts last year. I first heard about the secret through my friend Gianni, and then I saw it Oprah where it exploded (anything Oprah recommends explodes). I kind of forgot about “The Secret” off and on in the last few months. A few days back I was still feeling kind crummy because of the drop in my income because of a certain search engines policies changing.

Anyways I guess I must have signed up to a mailing list of  “The Secret“. A few days back checking my email and the perfect email came at at me at the best time (when I was feeling sh*tty). After reading the email it changed my mood and my perspective 100% and since then I have been feeling way better and much more productive. When you feel lousy you can’t focus and be productive, for me anyways it’s pretty tough. I needed to snap out of my depressed mood and this was the best thing to happen to me at that exact moment in my life.

I still have the email and I plan on printing it out for future use, if I need it. But I am also going to paste it below, so I can have it on my blog to look at anytime I need to. You may not believe in the power of positive thinking and the “law of attraction“, but let me ask you this. When you feel like hell do you feel like doing anything productive? I don’t and I doubt you do either. You need something to help you “snap out” of that negative attitude and get back on your feet. The Secret does just that, for me anways…

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne Creator of The Secret

Be in Joy now and everything will change

In the moment that I discovered The Secret I realized that I had been living my entire life backwards. If things were good in my life, I was happy. If things were difficult in my life and everything was going wrong, I was stressed and miserable. In my ignorance, I had been misusing the law of attraction all of my life. But all of that changed when I had the knowledge of The Secret.

To live in accordance with The Secret and the most powerful law in the Universe, we must be in Joy first – and then everything will change. To live our lives by emotionally reacting to what is happening outside of us is misusing the law! As we react with negative emotion to any difficulties, we attract more negativity into our lives. We cannot defy the law of attraction, which operates on the most microscopic levels of vibration, and with absolute exactitude.

You must be in Joy first. And then your life will change into Joy.

Difficult times are the greatest opportunities in disguise. When we face difficult times we have to put in determined work to get ourselves into Joy. But let me tell you, when you can get yourself into Joy despite what is happening around you, your life must change – it’s the law!

In addition, as you become Joy in difficult times you are becoming the master of your emotions, the master of your life, and the master of the law of attraction. Difficult times are your greatest opportunity to practice yourself into Joy.

Of course if your life is going along swimmingly then it is very easy to be in Joy. During those times your Joy is most likely a reaction to the good times. But the magnificence and the power that you really have within you will be seen when you can be in Joy during difficult times. It is then that you will see the true power that you have within you, because as you hold to Joy, you will shift all the energies of the Universe, and your life and your world will change.

The cause of everything is within you, and the effect is what you experience in your life. You have the power within you to change everything by putting yourself in Joy. You can change everything so easily by becoming Joy first! And nothing can change until you get yourself in Joy, because that is the law of attraction. Like attracts like! The energy of Joy attracts energy of Joy!

Do whatever it takes to find your Joy, and then keep yourself in it no matter what. Keep ramping up your level of Joy every day. There is no limit to the levels of Joy you can reach. You will see change to the degree of Joy that you can attain and maintain. The higher the Joy you can create within you, the more spectacular the change, and the higher the Joy, the faster the change. Once you get yourself in Joy it is easy to maintain it, because your emanation of Joy attracts more Joy. The law of attraction will continually send you more feelings of Joy.

You cannot criticize or blame or complain when you are in Joy. You cannot be afraid when you are in Joy. You cannot speak negatively when you are in Joy. You cannot harm another when you are in Joy. Negativity cannot reach you when you are in Joy.

When you are in Joy you are compassionate. When you are in Joy you are considerate and caring. When you are in Joy you love others. When you are in Joy you appreciate everything. When you are in Joy you are in love with the world, and the Universe is in love with you.

Be in Joy. Seek it with all of your heart, and you will find it.

May the Joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing Joy to billions

That’s the email in full, pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. Since reading that email I feel better and work better. I have tons of ideas on how to get things going, and I am already getting my income back up. You need a good attitude to move forward in life and an email like this is one way to “keep going”. Thankyou Rhonda Byrne,  you have perfect timing…


Jan 29
When Life Punches You In The Face, Then Fight Back

After venting about my problems in my last post, today I feel a renewed sense of energy today. For those who know me, they know I can bitch and whine, then I just get back into it. For some reason I feel great today, even with the recent pitfalls. But if you can’t get back up when life punches you in the face you’re not much of a man if you ask me.  Having pitfalls makes me stronger. Every time something like this happens to me, I get back stronger and make even more money.  Maybe that is why I am soo excited? I guess that ‘s the reason I feel revived, because I know I am going to make even more money very soon. It’s a weird cycle in my life, when sh*t happens it ALWAYS works out for the better. It’s strange but oh so true scenario in my life.

Maybe it’s just the way I view life, but things always get better for me after they dip. So let’s get this day started and see how great it will be…  And if you’re the kind of person to look at the dark side of life, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. When you are down and out, how can you possibly move forward? I will tell, YOU CAN’T!  Cry for an hour then work hard after that. Get your spirit back and run with the bulls. Don’t be a wimp, have balls and get it going!

If you’re life is hard, give it the middle finger and tell yourself you can and will succeed. You have no choice but to succeed, it’s you life and you need to control it the way you want it to turn out.  Think of your life as a school  bus and you are the driver. You need to control it, speed up when it’s needed and put the brakes when you have to. If you need to make detour to get to where you are going, then do it.  You are in control of your life, so make damn sure you like the view, if not then change the course of your life.

You have only one life, so live it the way you want to ever single day of it.


Jan 19
Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet Stick Making My Life Way Easier

I was getting sick and tired of going to the coffee shop or local libraries to use their sh*tty wireless internet connections. I guess you get what you pay for right? Well it was about time something came along to make my life easier. I’m not sure how I found about the Rogers Rocket Stick, but I am loving it.

What is the Rogers Rocket Stick?

The Rogers Rocket Stick will be the wi-fi hot spot killer that’s what buddy. With the Rocket Stick you get wireless internet ACROSS Canada. Are you drunk, no. Unreal right? The Rogers Rocket Stick looks like a USB flash drive, you put it into your USB connection on your lap top and you get wireless internet anywhere in Canada (works best in major Canadian cities). I can work anywhere now. I know this type of technology has been around for a bit but the Rocket Stick is only 2 months old.



Actually the price can rival any high speed internet you get at home from Shaw or Telus, but without any wires to worry about. I tried it out and it’s quick (download up to 7.2 Mbps), just as fast as high speed on their competitors.

The prices are based on how much data you download (see below), but you never pay over $100. So basically you can use as much as you want for $100 a month (ulimited internet). This service to me is a dream.

From Rogers:

“Mobile Internet Cost Protection”*. For the rare situations where you may use more than your bucket of data you can still rest easy knowing you will never be charged more than $100 a month in data charges thanks to Rogers Mobile Internet Cost Protection.”

Monthly Fee Data Included Additional Data Rate U.S. Data International Data

$25 500 MB 3¢ per MB $0.006 per KB $0.03 per KB

$30 1 GB 3¢ per MB

$60 3 GB 3¢ per MB

Here is the dealio:

You are locked into a 1 year plan (prices above), but the Rocket Stick is free of charge. Personally, this is soo worth it to me.  Vancouver is one big internet browser to me now, very cool. All I can think is how much more money I can make because I have web access with me all the time. Want more info on prices etc, then go here. I think this is going to blow up and kill of wireless internet cafes. The only thing web cafes have going for them is that you can plug in your laptop into the wall, that’s it.

The next step for me is to buy long lasting lap top batteries. Iwill then  have wings like a bird, freedom baby, freedom!


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