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Jul 30
Whoa, Don’t Believe The Hype

ell, well, well, look who's back. It seems I took a little hiatus from blogging. Everyone needs a little break and I don't even know if I'll be posting after this blog post. I am back in the sunny south western USA. I've been in Las Vegas for the last three days and I'm enjoying the heat, and the sun.

I drove down, the same as last time and stopped in Boise, Idaho halfway through. The drive was hotter this time, but it felt shorter which was a good thing. With temperatures down here in Las Vegas reaching 40°C it sounds a lot hotter than you would think. I am not saying that it isn't hot because it definitely is, however if you compare 40°C in Las Vegas compared to 40° in Vancouver, you would die in Vancouver with the humidity level that they have there.

In any case I've been working online and pushing forward. I will be contacting the realtor I deal with down here in Las Vegas, and possibly will be purchasing another condo or two while I am here.

The property management company that I have been dealing with is great, so far no problems, and I don't expect to see any in the future. I have actually been receiving checks, instead of dishing out money every month like I had to with the properties I owned in Winnipeg three years ago!

Buying a condo for $64,000 and then renting it out for $795 per month, just can't be beat. The properties down here require very little maintenance because they are new, so right out of the gate you have much less problems, less repairs and less headaches if you are dealing with the right property management company.

Personally, from what I can tell it looks like the prices of properties here have stabilized and has been that way since I was here and purchased here last October in 2009. No, the prices in Vegas have not gone up very much, if any yet. Obviously, Las Vegas is in a recession, and it still is. But, so what? Las Vegas will bounce back it is just a matter of time. And, in the meantime if the property is being rented out with positive cash flow, what's the problem?

I am making money every month off of my rental, while I wait for the market to rise. Even if it takes three years to rise, I don't really care. All I care about, is that I got the property for a good deal and I am able to rent it out to cover my costs and make some money on the side. This place is a no-brainer for any real estate bastard. If you have the money, and you have the balls this is the place to invest. I have said it many times, but you will see a blog post from me, when the prices rise and the profit of selling one of my condos becomes possible with a nice chunk of cash in my pocket.

On another note, I have to say that people tend to exaggerate everything. I was a little worried that coming to Las Vegas in August was going to be too hot. Yes it is hot, but as always friends and family, and anyone else always tend to jump in and put their own opinion resulting in fear and leaving you scared of the unknown. Never take anyone's word for it, learn for yourself. What is hot to some people, is warm to others, and vice versa.

Anyways, I'm having a great time down here in Vegas, enjoying this time, working and just enjoying my relaxing work vacation. I am so grateful that I purchased the place down here as a vacation home I can't even begin to explain it. I will have this place for many decades to come, even if the prices rise, and they will.

Remember whatever you focus on will expand. What does that mean? Well if you are continuing to think about how fat you are, you will get even fatter. If you continue to think about how sick you feel, you will continue to get sick. You're a thoughts will become your reality. Think about ways to make more money, and you will make more money. If you think about ways to get out of debt, you will create more debt. Think about what you want, not what you don't want. The Law of attraction is always at work, even though many times I find myself thinking negatively it is still working for me just in the wrong fashion. Training your self to be positive is the only way to have a happier life, I see this in myself all the time, and I work on improving myself all the time.

Have a great day, I'm off to the pool!!

Jun 13
My biggest Competitor Is Me

This post has been a long time coming. I think I was just scared to write down how I felt about all this. First off let me say this, the people who talk the most do the least. The more they talk the less they do do. Action speaks louder than words. I consider myself a straight forward person, no bull shit just do what I say and that’s it. That being said I feel almost embarrassed not reaching financial goals I outlined in the last few months. When I said I wanted x amount of dollars it should have happened. Everyone has their ups and downs like it or not it is part of life. I’m not superman and negativity can get the better part of me, this is where always kicks in.

I have put up many posts regarding financial successes and goals that I have achieved and there have been big ones, from my point of view anyways. Considering I came from being a carpenter/ cabinet maker, I can hopefully give myself a pat on the back for what I have done with myself in the last 10 years of my life.

Things change and when that happens you need to go with the flow. I for one am surprisingly not happy when change comes, especially when it affects me in a negative fashion. I’m almost 40 now and I seem to get stuck in my ways. I need to push myself in order to move forward. My industry is ever changing, always evolving and I need to evolve with it. If I wanted to remain at a place with no change I should have stayed working as a cabinet maker making $17.27 per hour, I would be better off. Yeah right.

Focus is the key to success, you need to know what you want and you do not stop until you get what you want, NO MATTER WHAT! What the fuck is the point of wanting something if you don’t even get or achieve it? Wasted energy my friends. The question really is what do I want? I have had so many changes hit me this years it’s pretty amazing. Where do I go from here?

Personally for me, I’m a fighter. I hate giving up, I have too much pride to quit. It could be a reason I hate change. I am scared of the unknown, I am scared of failure. I am in it to win it, losing at anything gets me super pissed, sometimes depressed. These are things I have learned about myself. It’s time to get back on track.

Where to go from here:

  1. I have to set my alarm clock for 5:00 am wake up, every day people. This will give me ample time to finish what I need to get done.
  2. A daily goal list of things I want and need to get done.
  3. I need to continue pushing myself forward, try new things test various  projects out.
  4. Don’t be so hard on myself. I know when I have tried as hard as I could. I did everything I could and other shit gets in the way let it go, it’s not my fault.
  5. If I was making $3,000 profit per day, maybe today is different. You can only do as much as you can. Things change, find new ways to make that revenue. Think outside of your box, more money is waiting for you around the corner.
  6. Real estate time – Prices are slowing in Vancouver and I am planning on buying possibly 2 more condos this year in Vancouver.

This post seem to go all over but I needed to get my thoughts on the screen, so I can go from here. It’s my own way of clearing my head so I can make room in my mind for what is coming next. I may sound like things are falling off of a cliff but in reality anyone would dream to be in the position I am. I am hard on myself and this post proves it once again. Some people are happy with what they have but I want more, why? I have no clue but I am in a competition with myself to be the best that I can be. It’s a never ending competition and the only winner in this competition is me. Happiness and sadness are a fine line for me anyways. I need to push myself to be who I truly am.  If I’m not busting my ass I don’t feel good, I need to sweat to smile. This is how I live my life, 100% or nothing. Onward and upward.

This time around public, I need to make them happen privately. Focus, focus, focus, the law of attraction works. I am living proof, even though I talk myself out of  it sometimes, stupid me. Negativity will kill your inner self, my inner self. Here it to reaching my goals…

Jun 1
Giving Up Is Not An Option

I figured I better post these photos before  they become non relevant, since I am in Vancouver now. Well it was fun while it lasted. We stayed in Vegas for almost 6 sun filled weeks, it was awesome! We walked daily for about an hour, felt great with the sun in our faces, wearing shorts and t-shirts.  Buying that condo in Vegas was one of the best decisions I have ever made, it feels so good to be able to getaway anytime we want.

I’m back in Vancouver looking at the rain outside and wondering why the f*ck we even came back to the “most beautiful city on earth” (Vancouver?!). In any case now I can focus on the work tasks as hand with no distractions of nice weather, LOL. Driving wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, 20 hours to get there, with a night in Boise, Idaho in between Vancouver and Vegas.

Now it’s to get off my lazy ass and make some money!

I don’t like not making my goals and it seems the last time I blogged about getting back to my $1500 profit per day it didn’t happen. Why not?

  1. Part of it really has to do with me and my relaxed work ethic. Psychologically I think I am happy with the success I have achieved so I don’t work as hard as I should be or did in the past.
  2. I don’t push myself like I used, the end result is lower income.  Another reason is feeling sorry for myself because I’m not making as much (stupid I know…). Money screws with your head, when you making tons of it you want more, when it comes in less amounts you get pissed off, angry etc..  Human beings are strange creatures, always wanting more and more, never being satisfied or happy with what they have already.
  3. Lastly the internet is constantly evolving and changing and many opportunities that I made hundreds of thousands of dollars from in the past aren’t there. Competition comes in and pretty soon you aren’t making money. Google chances how the rank websites and your AdSense earning dry up and so on. Surprisingly I still make about $1,100 month from Ad Sense, from informational websites I built in 2003-2006. I haven’t touched them in years since at least least 2006. $1,1000 isn’t a ton of cash but I get check for doing nothing. Back to the changing Internet, I found loopholes in search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN that allowed to get very cheap targeted traffic to my sites and made a killing for years. Most of those loopholes are now closed unfortunately, however the money I made from these tactics has been invested in real estate safe and sound.

I made at least 2-3 million dollar in revenue  from many, many loopholes that  I found that will be forever closed. I am very grateful for being in the right place at the right time in many situations for many years. I basically milked every idea I had as long as I could, and still milking some now as I write this. Being resourceful has helped to cement my financial freedom for as long as I am alive and my kids (and grand children) will be taken care of long after I am gone 50-60 years from now, for that I am so VERY grateful for! I feel like  I have done my duty as a provider, and it feels great to have achieved it.

Don’t count me out yet though, not even close. I still have some tricks up my sleeve I’m not going to slowdown and retire. I have too much energy to stop!

As for the local affiliate marketing I tried it with a local plumbing company, I made a website for them, I set up phone tracking so my client (plumber) knew that these calls were coming from me. So far from what I know he got 1 customer from it in about 1 month.

  1. The problem is this, he doesn’t answer the call every time because he is busy being a plumber, if he calls a few hours later then that potential customer may have gotten another plumber lined up for the job.
  2. I am paying for all the online advertising, so I get screwed because he isn’t on the ball!
  3. Also some plumbing  jobs are just too small for this plumber to do, for instance changing a leaking faucet isn’t really worth it to him. I get 10% of each job, but it hasn’t worked out too well.
  4. Traffic for local marketing campaigns is much lower than a dating site where you can target millions of people. For instance for this plumbing client, I get anywhere from 5-13 clicks a day. This is enough to get a job per day you would think but apparently lots of the phone calls are people asking questions more than booking jobs.
  5. He has poor communication skills and takes him forever to call me back (many days usually).

I’m not too bummed out on this because I knew there were be problems that I wouldn’t be able to foresee until I actually had a campaign running. Local affiliate marketing definitely does work, because I track the phone calls the plumber is receiving. He is getting the calls but a factor of a few things really isn’t making this deal work out for me. Currently I lost around $250 roughly on this test, you live and learn. I don’t regret doing this project at all, I learned lots and I can use what I have learned on other clients that will pop up. I will be pausing the phone tracking as well as all my online advertising for this client. I wasted enough of my own time and money to try this out. If the client doesn’t want to put in much  effort then I have no alternative. I don’t like chasing clients for their input or money. There are way too many other people who would love an opportunity to have a chance at expanding their client base and only pay for actual clients. Whatever, you live and learn…

Watch this video below it is very inspirational Will Smith is the man he is a driven man, so awesome!!! He never gives up he would rather “die on a treadmill”. This is how you achieve success, so simple but yet SOO POWERFUL. He understands the universe and a crazy work ethic. AWESOME. This video sums up how I feel…

heading out on the 20 hour drive from Vegas to Vancouver

stopping for gas in some Nevada desert gas station

through the Nevada desert..

cool rock formations in the Nevada desert..

Nevada highway patrol

creepy little town in Nowhereville, Nevada USA


Once you get to Western Idaho, it all changes and looks like Vancouver…

cool looking winding road…

Almost home!!

Mar 20
What The Hell Is Going On With Me?

I did it again! With the prices so low in Nevada did you really think I would buy just one condo LOL? I put an offer on a 2 bedroom (with den) 1250 square foot condo with one car garage for $64,000, it was accepted 2 days later wayyyy back in December.  I don’t have any photos, sorry folks! This property was not a foreclosure, instead it was a short sale. A short sale is when a home owner cannot pay the mortgage so he basically sells his or her property for a loss. A foreclosure on the other hand is when the home owners have  lost their home already and it is owned by a bank.

Since there are so many foreclosures and short sales in Vegas it can and has taken me months to finally close on this condo.The banks are swamped with work.  So now I have possession and I have gotten a local property manager in Las Vegas to rent out the place for. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another Winnipeg… I’m pretty certain this is the beginning of more condo purchases down in Vegas, it’s hard to resist when you can get such amazing deals. Rents should be between $750 – $900US a month, so it’s all cash flow baby, according to Jeremy (my property manager). I am not buying anymore places down there until I see how this first rental in Vegas does. I sure don’t want to buy  a bunch of condos and have them all sittingempty, so this one is the test. I have a great feeling and I have done my homework so  I’m certain it will be awesome but just to make sure I won’t buy anymore until I see results.

The Secret

I have been watching The Secret DVD over and over to help me get back to my healthy self and I can say it has worked once again! I feel great and I am working harder than ever to get my sales back up and they are showings signs of life again, HAHA.

Always remember, what you focus and think about always come to life, so focus on what you want and not what you don’t want! That is the best advice I can give anyone, who is feeling lost or depressed. The law of attraction!


Also I am without my beloved Escalade, as the body shop fixes a few scratches on the front and rear bumper. They are installing new factory fog lights since the lens cover fell off both of the ones on the truck in the last year (don’t ask). Any my Cadillac emblem on my rear tailgate look like hell so I bought a new one that they are installing as well. That should make my SUV look brand newish again! I’m am driving down to Vegas (instead of flying) next month and I want it to look nice and new. I did the calculations and I should save at least $1500 each time I go, if I don’t fly and don’t rent a car when I’m down there.  I thought about buying a car but if I did it would have to be some minivan, and I don’t feel like paying $10,000 or whatever to have a minivan sitting in my garage in Las Vegas. This way I can have my own car down there and save big $$.

Yes’ the drive isn’t short, it’s roughly 20 hours but whatever. It’s the best idea I could come up with. Ok, that’s all for now, it’s 11:38 pm and it’s time to get to bed.

This beauty eyesore was caught in the underground parking lots Planet Hollywood hotel in Vegas, ugh.

I like my booze what can i say??

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

Cooking our food at The Stone Grill. They supply the raw meat and veggies and the super HOT stone seen here and you cook it. It’s kinda expensive at $45 a person for this type of dining.  I would rather just go to Cactus Club instead…

Jan 9
My Specific Goals For 2010

Being that it is January, I need to get my house (head) in order. I’ve been feeling a little unfocused this past week, so I figured it was about time to write down my specific goals for 2010.

For those of you that know me, realize that I am a man of sticking to my promises. If I say I’m going to do something then it will be done. I like being honest especially with myself.  That being said it’s time to do my goals, why? As I mentioned tons of times before I write down my goals here so I feel like I am accountable to anyone reading my blog. I  like the no B.S. approach is has worked for me so far, so I am going to continue.

Before I post my exact goals for 2010. I want you to read what my real estate guru Ozzie Jurock  sent me my by email:

“People don’t do what we expect, they do what we inspect with respect. New Year’s resolution type goals don’t work, because we have no one to inspect us. Your goals should be specific, quantifiable and measurable. Accountability is the key. For instance, what exactly does it mean when we say: “I will buy some real estate?” Make it specific: “I will buy an investment condo that cash flows by May 1, 2010.” That’s specific and measurable. And…put it in writing … and have someone inspect you. It works!”

Ozzie Jurock is awesome, through his newsletter that I subscribe to, he has guided me to buying cash flow properties in Vancouver, Prince George, Winnipeg (mistake) and now Las Vegas! He doesn’t know that he has even helped me, but one of these days I will chat with him at the real estate seminars that I frequent here in Vancouver and tell how much of an inspiration he is.

  1. First off I want to lose about five pounds. It’s not very much, because I don’t really need to drop much weight at all. I am doing the exercise bike every day for 30 minutes and it’s working out great. I sit on my ass and watch TV while I am on the bike, so it doesn’t even feel like a workout really.
  2. Real estate! Well what can I say about this? My major goal is to have $20,000 in invest income every month coming through real estate. I am just under half way there, not bad I know. This year I plan on buying 5 more condos, mostly in Las Vegas I think. The end date for this to happen will be November 14, 2010. Last years I said I would buy 3 condos and bought 4, 3 in Vancouver and one in Las Vegas.
  3. Online income – Working online has enabled me to buy all the real estate I have, it has changed my life forever, no going back now. I blogged about how I made the $7,000 profit per day goal last month, well it has come down from that level. Honestly it’s pretty tough to keep the momentum going at $7,000 per day for months on end. That being said, I think a new revised goal of $2,000 U.S. per day in profit should be attainable by February 1,2010. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this, but the magic of writing down your goals, seems to get me super focused on hitting the bench mark I have set for myself. In this case $2,000 profit U.S per day is my new goal. I want this to be consistent, meaning it will last for months on end. I know I can do and I will do it, let’s watch it happen!

Remember the law of attraction does work, I am living proof of it.

front yard sunsrise, taken on January 7, 2010

back yard sunsrise, taken on January 7, 2010

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