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Mar 20
What The Hell Is Going On With Me?

I did it again! With the prices so low in Nevada did you really think I would buy just one condo LOL? I put an offer on a 2 bedroom (with den) 1250 square foot condo with one car garage for $64,000, it was accepted 2 days later wayyyy back in December.  I don’t have any photos, sorry folks! This property was not a foreclosure, instead it was a short sale. A short sale is when a home owner cannot pay the mortgage so he basically sells his or her property for a loss. A foreclosure on the other hand is when the home owners have  lost their home already and it is owned by a bank.

Since there are so many foreclosures and short sales in Vegas it can and has taken me months to finally close on this condo.The banks are swamped with work.  So now I have possession and I have gotten a local property manager in Las Vegas to rent out the place for. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another Winnipeg… I’m pretty certain this is the beginning of more condo purchases down in Vegas, it’s hard to resist when you can get such amazing deals. Rents should be between $750 – $900US a month, so it’s all cash flow baby, according to Jeremy (my property manager). I am not buying anymore places down there until I see how this first rental in Vegas does. I sure don’t want to buy  a bunch of condos and have them all sittingempty, so this one is the test. I have a great feeling and I have done my homework so  I’m certain it will be awesome but just to make sure I won’t buy anymore until I see results.

The Secret

I have been watching The Secret DVD over and over to help me get back to my healthy self and I can say it has worked once again! I feel great and I am working harder than ever to get my sales back up and they are showings signs of life again, HAHA.

Always remember, what you focus and think about always come to life, so focus on what you want and not what you don’t want! That is the best advice I can give anyone, who is feeling lost or depressed. The law of attraction!


Also I am without my beloved Escalade, as the body shop fixes a few scratches on the front and rear bumper. They are installing new factory fog lights since the lens cover fell off both of the ones on the truck in the last year (don’t ask). Any my Cadillac emblem on my rear tailgate look like hell so I bought a new one that they are installing as well. That should make my SUV look brand newish again! I’m am driving down to Vegas (instead of flying) next month and I want it to look nice and new. I did the calculations and I should save at least $1500 each time I go, if I don’t fly and don’t rent a car when I’m down there.  I thought about buying a car but if I did it would have to be some minivan, and I don’t feel like paying $10,000 or whatever to have a minivan sitting in my garage in Las Vegas. This way I can have my own car down there and save big $$.

Yes’ the drive isn’t short, it’s roughly 20 hours but whatever. It’s the best idea I could come up with. Ok, that’s all for now, it’s 11:38 pm and it’s time to get to bed.

This beauty eyesore was caught in the underground parking lots Planet Hollywood hotel in Vegas, ugh.

I like my booze what can i say??

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

Cooking our food at The Stone Grill. They supply the raw meat and veggies and the super HOT stone seen here and you cook it. It’s kinda expensive at $45 a person for this type of dining.  I would rather just go to Cactus Club instead…

Mar 9
Success Is What You Think It Is

It's hard for me to accept when things change (for the worse). I like to be able to know what to expect, and I like to be able to control my life so I can be happy with the results. First off I need to say that I am very grateful for everything in my life. I really shouldn't be angry or depressed about my life, in reality I truly have a dream life. The problem is that humans are never satisfied and I find myself  to be a goal oriented person so if I am not meeting my personal expectations then I get all pissy. Being so hard on myself has allowed me to achieve huge financial success that I could have never dreamed of. The bad part is I am always hard on myself. I find it hard for me to relax and not worry about making that $1,000 day goal etc.  Most people would think having so much success that you can just sit on your ass and smile the good life, but in reality you just end up wanting more (who doesn't right?). Is that good? It's good to have goals without them you are lost in the wind. I realized that putting so much stress on myself, makes all the success not fun to enjoy. It kinda sucks, if you can't be happy with your success…… It's not like I moap around all day, every day, but it's just when certain things aren't going my way I get a bit moody. What do I want? I am not a person who gives up, I always find that light at the end of the tunnel. I don't accept quitting, it's not something I do. I keep digging and digging until I find something that works. For me I want something stable. I want to promote something that will let rest easy so I know it will be around tomorrow. I have been at affiliate marketing for a long time now. I have seen many traffic sources get harder to promote though and I have always found a way back in, or find other places to advertise. I am like a little mouse, that finds that small crack in the wall and even if it's cold outside,  I sneak in and find the warmth. My goals outlined:

  1. I want stable affiliate marketing income producing over $1500 profit every day  for a very, very long time. This goal must be fulfilled by April 16, 2010.
  2. I will work the same amount of hours, not more than that (9-5 max).
  3. I want to be happy with my results as I should be already.
  4. I want the ability to control my emotions more.
  5. I will continue to expand the niches where I am already having success

I have been finding it difficult to focus lately and writing down my goals always helps me focus on what I want. Actually without this blog and me posting about my goals I'm sure my income wouldn't be near the level it is now. I make little money from my actual blog however the blogging helps me focus on what I want and that has helped profit immensly. I never actually thought about that before, but in a way I make huge money from my blog because of what my writing down my goals has helped me achieve. ** Remember what you focus on expands, so focus and think about what  you want and it will come to you. Keep your thoughts clear and precise. Know what you want in want in life right down to every last detail and you will receive it. The law of attraction is always at work, like it or not. If you want to read an amazing blog on personal development and the power of positive thinking then check out  He is truly inspirational, his articles will make you really think about what you want in your life. That's it for now, I seriously feel much better just getting all my thoughts on my computer screen (funny how that seems to help..) To Success & $1500 days!

Jan 9
My Specific Goals For 2010

Being that it is January, I need to get my house (head) in order. I’ve been feeling a little unfocused this past week, so I figured it was about time to write down my specific goals for 2010.

For those of you that know me, realize that I am a man of sticking to my promises. If I say I’m going to do something then it will be done. I like being honest especially with myself.  That being said it’s time to do my goals, why? As I mentioned tons of times before I write down my goals here so I feel like I am accountable to anyone reading my blog. I  like the no B.S. approach is has worked for me so far, so I am going to continue.

Before I post my exact goals for 2010. I want you to read what my real estate guru Ozzie Jurock  sent me my by email:

“People don’t do what we expect, they do what we inspect with respect. New Year’s resolution type goals don’t work, because we have no one to inspect us. Your goals should be specific, quantifiable and measurable. Accountability is the key. For instance, what exactly does it mean when we say: “I will buy some real estate?” Make it specific: “I will buy an investment condo that cash flows by May 1, 2010.” That’s specific and measurable. And…put it in writing … and have someone inspect you. It works!”

Ozzie Jurock is awesome, through his newsletter that I subscribe to, he has guided me to buying cash flow properties in Vancouver, Prince George, Winnipeg (mistake) and now Las Vegas! He doesn’t know that he has even helped me, but one of these days I will chat with him at the real estate seminars that I frequent here in Vancouver and tell how much of an inspiration he is.

  1. First off I want to lose about five pounds. It’s not very much, because I don’t really need to drop much weight at all. I am doing the exercise bike every day for 30 minutes and it’s working out great. I sit on my ass and watch TV while I am on the bike, so it doesn’t even feel like a workout really.
  2. Real estate! Well what can I say about this? My major goal is to have $20,000 in invest income every month coming through real estate. I am just under half way there, not bad I know. This year I plan on buying 5 more condos, mostly in Las Vegas I think. The end date for this to happen will be November 14, 2010. Last years I said I would buy 3 condos and bought 4, 3 in Vancouver and one in Las Vegas.
  3. Online income – Working online has enabled me to buy all the real estate I have, it has changed my life forever, no going back now. I blogged about how I made the $7,000 profit per day goal last month, well it has come down from that level. Honestly it’s pretty tough to keep the momentum going at $7,000 per day for months on end. That being said, I think a new revised goal of $2,000 U.S. per day in profit should be attainable by February 1,2010. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this, but the magic of writing down your goals, seems to get me super focused on hitting the bench mark I have set for myself. In this case $2,000 profit U.S per day is my new goal. I want this to be consistent, meaning it will last for months on end. I know I can do and I will do it, let’s watch it happen!

Remember the law of attraction does work, I am living proof of it.

front yard sunsrise, taken on January 7, 2010

back yard sunsrise, taken on January 7, 2010

Jan 1
New Years Resolutions For 2010

Who am I kidding? It’s the first day of the year, and I won’t getting much work done if any. I think it’s a good time to move forward and write down my goals for  2010.This is more like reminders than resolutions.

  1. More exercise – I just purchased an exercise bike from Zellers, on sale from $249 to $149.00. I used it about  1 1/2 hours ago  and it’s awesome. I got used to using an exercise bike while were down in Las Vegas for the last month and a half, so I had to pick one up here.
  2. More real estate – I love real estate, it’s stable and you can always come out ahead with a  little bit of research and common sense. I plan on buying more condos this year and investment properties.
  3. More income – Last year was my best year ever, even though I haven”t added up my income for the year it was very good.  This year I will make even more money because my experience in online marketing has gotten that much better. I learned lots in 2009 and I can carry those skills forward in 2010. No pain, no gain. I had to reinvent myself a few times mainly due to Google tightening the screws on all affiliates. I gave up on them and moved to greener and much more profitable pastures. Goodbye Google, I don’t even miss you at all.
  4. More diversification – I plan to continue to diversify my income streams online so I am prepared if things sideline my business ventures. Having your all your eggs in one basket is bad business.
  5. More rest & relaxation – I bought the condo in Vegas as part of my R&R, and I plan on using it 3 -4months out of the year.  The weather in Vancouver is rain (surprise), so haven’t that sunny destination to go to anytime I like is an awesome feeling.

I haven’t got detailed about my goals, because I need to think about them a little bit to see exactly what I want to achieve.

Anyways Happy New Years to all! Remember write down your goals and hold yourself accountable! Don ‘t take it lightly. Writing down my goals has helped me achieve success.  Just read through my other goal oriented blog posts in the last year and you will see what I mean ( they all came true…).

Onward and upward!

Dec 23
A Recap Of My Life In 2009

Today is December 23 and it’s our last night sleeping in our condo, we arrived here on November 11 and the time has come to depart and go back to our Canadian home. I am a big goal setter and since it’s almost 2010 and Christmas is right around the corner, and I think it’s a great time for me to reflect on the past year.

  1. Being that I am blogging from my a condo I own in Las Vegas, Nevada  is a huge accomplishment for me personally. In late April I posted about wanting to buy a place down here, it took me some months to get off my ass and come down here and do it but I did it! I am soo glad that I took the plunge, I love it here. It barely ever rains unlike Vancouver! This is something that I can enjoy with my family and friends as long as I am alive, very happy about that.
  2. Reaching my $7,000 day goal!. Even though my earnings have slid since then because of reasons beyond my control, I did it! I know that 2010 will be even better financially for me because of my ability to adapt and deversify. I haven’t added up all my income for 2009 but it should be close $850,000  net. Obviously I am very grateful for that, and I expect continued success within the new year.
  3. I have a great wife, who understands me, even though I can be a nut job sometimes. Her easy going atittitude and belief in me makes me stronger and confident in my decisions.
  4. My kids are the best thing ever. It’s weird being a father and having little people look up to you, and expect you to take care of them in every way necessary. They are cute little rug rats that have made my life 100% complete. Without my kids there would be something big missing inside of me.
  5. The drive and determination I have even surprises me. I don’t know where all my energy comes from, but without my high energy level, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am. I have a drive that keeps me pushing forward, and NEVER looking back.

Overall my life is 10 times better than I imagined it. It’s a dream come true.  I wanted to retire by 40 years old and I said that when I was in my late 20’s, still working as  a cabinet maker and only making $17.27 per hour. It’s still hard for me to sit here and be able to write that I can actually retire by 40, and I made it all happen by myself.

I’m not sure what else to say, life is good and I am thankful for every day. 2010 will be better in every way possible. I will be writing a goal post sometime soon, but I needed to post about what I was thankful for having and happening in 2009.

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