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Feb 20
Free Pretzels from Auntie Anne!

Realistically 90% of the stuff I put on my blog is useless stuff but I enjoy doing it and I don’t know why? I think I just like playing with the images in PhotoShop or something. And for the video is just plain fun to upload to YouTube, who knows?!

Anyways I snapped video of the free pretzels from Auntie Anne’s Pretzels at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet stores. I’m screwed up, yeah I know!

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Free pretzels anyone?

Feb 12
I’m Back In Vegas Baby!

I’m back baby, and the weather is nice and warm 17-19°C. It feels great to get away from rain in Vancouver. I am watching my city on TV though, pretty cool. The Olympics ceremony starts tonight, I will be watching! I’m heading out to the park this morning, it’s just too nice to work, besides this is a vacation, kinda, sort of. I’ll work later on tonight, when the sun goes down. I’m a workaholic but sometimes you need to enjoy yourself. Why make money if you can’t enjoy it right?

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One thing Las Vegas is, is cheeezy! We checked out the shops at the Planet Hollywood hotel, I tried on a bunch different glasses, why? Because I could, and who wants to buy glasses with the middle finger in them? Maybe you do , but not me!

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Nothing like being a proud American, but I’m a Canuck so no go on these winning glasses… Cheeeeze! These only serve one purpose, a Bruce Springsteen concert!

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When you get drunk you have “beer goggles”. I never checked the price tage but I’m betting at least $10 for these puppies. Perfect for stags and hockey games!

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more formage from Vegas! Good for Halloween I think, more crap. There were way more glasses to try on, but I was escorted out of the store, for not buying anything…

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This gift basket was 1 month late waiting on my doorstep in Vegas when I arrived, luckily no one stole it and there wasn’t fruit in there. The gift basket was all chocolate and it was sitting there for over 2 weeks, lol! Someone dropped the ball on this one!!! I’m surprised no one stole the basket after sitting there for2 weeks, haha. At least it’s early for Valentines day right?

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TheSopranos memorabilia plaque selling for $1300, signed by all cast members, bada bing! It was at some memorabilia shop in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Hotel

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heading to WalMart for food!Sunny Skies until next Thursday and 19°C, I love it!

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Las Vegas strip…

That’s all for now kiddies!

Feb 6
Crazy Asian guy dancing on Lougheed Highway

The return of the crazy Asian guy dancing on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby. I was waiting for my wife at VanCity on Lougheed in Burnaby and my son was sleeping in the back so I went for a quick drive so he stays sleeping ( he wakes up if we sit still in the SUV too long..)

And there he was like clock work on Lougheed Highway near the Cactus Club/Tim Hortons, the wild dancing Asian man. Not bad actually, he gets paid to clown around, what could be better than that? Cheers to you dancing Asian guy, you make my day every time I see you!! Awesome.

Jan 13
Jersey Shore – Guidos Making Money

While I’m not a big TV guy, after 9 pm I usually sit down, after we put the kids to bed to watch some TV. Recently I found out about a show on MTV called Jersey Shore.  The “reality show” focuses on a group of Italian Americans who work out, wear Ed Hardy, drive an Escalade (I got one yeah…) and go clubbing, and they all live in a house on the New Jersey water shore. I have no clue why But I did some reading up on the show and it seems lots of Italians back east in New York and Jersey seem pretty pissed about the show.

Here is one thing you need to ask yourself when watching any “reality show”, is it really real? I don’t think most reality shows are just filmed, personally I think many of these shows are staged. I also think they chose the participants (actors) of the show based on how well they will do in the ratings. That being said, don’t you think they will choose the actors who will give them the highest viewership  and ratings?

They call each other “Guidos”, am I offended by that? Lol fuck no. It’s TV people, it’s all bullshit and the show is designed to bring in maximum ratings. Of course the guys on the show look like douche bags because it brings in ratings $$$$$$$$$$$$. If you don’t realize that reality shows are mostly bullshit then your’e as dumb as the “Guidos” on Jersey Shore.

Whoever created the show is brilliant he knows how to push people’s buttons and he is making lots of money because of it. Also don’t you think the “Guidos” on the show put on just a bit on an act to get ratings? Doh, you dumb ass, they get paid to be on the show so I can guarantee you the play the part as cheezy as possible. Wake the f*ck up!

It amazes me that people still don’t understand reality shows are SHOWS! If the camera was on you, I think you would act different, especially if you get a paycheck because of it. And all the people calling them “Guidos”, remember this, the guys on Jersey Shore are laughing all the way to the bank you fucking  idiots. It’s all about money, like most things in this world from the War In Iraq to the Jersey Shore show.

Now if the Italians on Jersey Shore are smart they will buy real estate! If anyone called me a Guido I would just laugh at them…..

I’m not really sure why I felt compelled to talk about this however it’s true. Stop watching TV and go make some money you assholes, DOH.

Enough said.

Jan 3
This is what I did on New Years Eve…

This is what I did on New Years Eve…

I went to my brother in laws  for New Years.

  1. ordered Greek food from Stephos on Davie Street
  2. drank some booze
  3. laid on couch
  4. said Happy New New Year to everyone
  5. went home…

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