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Nov 19
Happy 40Th Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me! My awesome wife held a surprise birthday for me and basically got me once again (same as my 30th bday). It was all on film so I thought I would upload it to YouTube. I like keeping my computer as clean as possible so YouTube is great for archiving videos, so I won't lose them.

Back to the birthday, I had no clue at all. I may not look surprised because I am usually self contained, and don't show my feelings too much. It was a blast and good to see all my friends together. I will be ready for my next birthday, don 't you worry wifey! I'm very grateful to have the family and the friends that I do. Life up to this point has been awesome, could not have expected it would turned out soo great. Cheers to the next 40 years and what it will hold!

Enjoy the video, and please laugh at my expense. A great time, thanks everyone!

C.V. (40 YRS OLD and still usually act like a little kid…)

May 10
If You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage, Hmmm

I have been pretty lazy with blog posts but whatever, the great thing about blogging is that it’s NOT something I need to do but something I do when I want to. I’m still down here in Vegas where the temperature is between 25-33 celcius every single day. And there are still 50 foreclosures in my complex alone. It seems lots of investors from California speculated that the prices would rise higher and higher when they bought 2 years ago, now they are loosing condos in Chateau Versailles (my complex) left and right, and it seems many out of state and out of country investors such as myself have found highly discounted vacation homes because of it.

Take a look at the Chevy Trail Blazer SUV below. You would think from the photos some thieves came by and stole the rims of this SUV, not so.  This house is being foreclosed on because the owner couldn’t pay the mortgage, my guess (and it’s a good one) is the owner vacated the premises and also left SUV because he couldn’t make payment on it either. He took of his custom rims and sold them probably on Craigslist to make a  bit of money. I can almost guarantee I’m right because when I got my place I had to buy new wash/dryer, as well as my fridge because the previous owners took them and sold them to make some extra cash.

Those pictures below show how bad it is down here, new subdivision and there is a 2 year old SUV on concrete blocks.

The Mirage volcano show, every night at 8 pm, it looks pretty damn real…

really vibrant cactus flower plants at Lone Mountain (3 blocks east of me)

Apr 29
Las Vegas Pawn Stars & More

This is one of the more random posts that I have done so far, but the people who know, know that I am very random and all over the map sometimes. This post is all about the pictures, because I don’t have to much to say today. Let’s let the photos speak for me today, shall we?

Free Image Hosting at

If you ever have watched Pawn Stars, then you know who Chum Lee is. For the rest of the world he is just some dude who became famous because he works at a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The pawn shop just happens to also be a reality show, and now he’s famous just because he works there. Isn’t life funny that way?

Free Image Hosting at

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The old man always looks half asleep, and he does sleep half the time (watch the show to see what I mean…).

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This chapel was in the film called “The Hang Over”, funniest movie ever!! You go watch it now!

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Vancouver graffiti from “Hoser”

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caught in front of WalMart in North Las Vegas.

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These clouds look insane, like a bomb blew up. They are shaped that way for no reason at all, except that Mother Nature wanted it that way.

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graffiti tunnel in Burnaby, B.C.

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Mar 20
What The Hell Is Going On With Me?

I did it again! With the prices so low in Nevada did you really think I would buy just one condo LOL? I put an offer on a 2 bedroom (with den) 1250 square foot condo with one car garage for $64,000, it was accepted 2 days later wayyyy back in December.  I don’t have any photos, sorry folks! This property was not a foreclosure, instead it was a short sale. A short sale is when a home owner cannot pay the mortgage so he basically sells his or her property for a loss. A foreclosure on the other hand is when the home owners have  lost their home already and it is owned by a bank.

Since there are so many foreclosures and short sales in Vegas it can and has taken me months to finally close on this condo.The banks are swamped with work.  So now I have possession and I have gotten a local property manager in Las Vegas to rent out the place for. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another Winnipeg… I’m pretty certain this is the beginning of more condo purchases down in Vegas, it’s hard to resist when you can get such amazing deals. Rents should be between $750 – $900US a month, so it’s all cash flow baby, according to Jeremy (my property manager). I am not buying anymore places down there until I see how this first rental in Vegas does. I sure don’t want to buy  a bunch of condos and have them all sittingempty, so this one is the test. I have a great feeling and I have done my homework so  I’m certain it will be awesome but just to make sure I won’t buy anymore until I see results.

The Secret

I have been watching The Secret DVD over and over to help me get back to my healthy self and I can say it has worked once again! I feel great and I am working harder than ever to get my sales back up and they are showings signs of life again, HAHA.

Always remember, what you focus and think about always come to life, so focus on what you want and not what you don’t want! That is the best advice I can give anyone, who is feeling lost or depressed. The law of attraction!


Also I am without my beloved Escalade, as the body shop fixes a few scratches on the front and rear bumper. They are installing new factory fog lights since the lens cover fell off both of the ones on the truck in the last year (don’t ask). Any my Cadillac emblem on my rear tailgate look like hell so I bought a new one that they are installing as well. That should make my SUV look brand newish again! I’m am driving down to Vegas (instead of flying) next month and I want it to look nice and new. I did the calculations and I should save at least $1500 each time I go, if I don’t fly and don’t rent a car when I’m down there.  I thought about buying a car but if I did it would have to be some minivan, and I don’t feel like paying $10,000 or whatever to have a minivan sitting in my garage in Las Vegas. This way I can have my own car down there and save big $$.

Yes’ the drive isn’t short, it’s roughly 20 hours but whatever. It’s the best idea I could come up with. Ok, that’s all for now, it’s 11:38 pm and it’s time to get to bed.

This beauty eyesore was caught in the underground parking lots Planet Hollywood hotel in Vegas, ugh.

I like my booze what can i say??

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

Cooking our food at The Stone Grill. They supply the raw meat and veggies and the super HOT stone seen here and you cook it. It’s kinda expensive at $45 a person for this type of dining.  I would rather just go to Cactus Club instead…

Feb 24
$25 Lollipops & Other Junk

I’m actually trying to post a little less. I don’t want to post anymore than every 3rd day. Honestly I feel that my blog is a waste of my time. It is fun to do but I don’t want to spend hours every day working on something that doesn’t offer $$$$. It’s a fun hobby but I have to keep to a certain level, every 3 rd day is more than enough I would think. I just accumulate my photos and stuff for 3 days and post them all at once.

I have been having a tough time focusing on my business, not very motivated at all. Once again, my earnings have dropped lol. See, it’s not that easy to work online, things change super fast on the web. One day you are making $5,000 and the next you are down to $500! It can be an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least.

In reality I can’t complain, I can retire right now if I wanted to but I really don’t. I have been working to get my profit back up, and I am having some success but not to the amount I have been accustomed to. If you had to get into affiliate marketing it’s much tougher now than it was when I first started.

But where there is a will there is a way. I like to feel sorry for myself for a bit then I bounce back. Right now the “feeling sorry for myself” process is almost finished and I starting to work a bit more to get things back up. Affiliate marketing takes a ton out of you. It is not a get rich quick deal, it’s super tough. Honestly sometimes I  don’t even know how I did it at all. Motivation is the key to success, without it failure is probable.

Time to get back to work, personal blogs make very little $$$.

Ok, here is the deal with these lollipops, they cost $25 each! These are basically celebrity endorsed by “stars” such as Holly  Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, Mike The Situation Sorrentino and all the rest of the “stars” with their photos on the Sugar Factory walls (see below). Then dumb teenage girls spend $25.00 to look trendy, douchebagettes!

These are twist on lollipops, you can buy replace tops for $5 each. The bling bling stick is reusable, and it comes in a plastic case, LOL. If I ever buy on of these then you will know I have become a FULL douchebag!

Endorsed by Carmen Electra, Brittney Spears, The Kardashians, Spice Girls, Denise Richards and all the rest of the “stars” that got paid to lick the lollipop…. Consumerism at it’s worst! $25 lollipops, yeah!

Looks like she got pissed at me for taking photos of $25 lollipops lol, OH WELL!

Now you know why Americans are all FAT, deep fried Oreos? Yeah, I’m sure you really need to eat those….

Deep fried twinkies of course, what else would you expect if you can get deep fried Oreo cookies!

Inside Planet HollyWood hotel, pretty cool

This is indoors, even the sky………

On the way to Red Rock Canyon, amazing scenery. It’s like the Grand Canyon (but much smaller) however it’s only l 12 minutes by car from my condo!

Beautiful rock formations…

Cheeeezy smile!

The wild west all over again…

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