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Oct 11
What’s Goin On?


Hello! Remember me? Yeah I don't post much anymore, it's the way it is live with it! Surprisingly I feel like posting today, wow. I'm heading back down to Vegas to close on 2-3 more rental properties, yeah I'm a machine I can't stop. I get a rush from buying investment properties and I like the monthly checks in the mail . I'm heading down and staying for 10 days, the weather in Vancouver is on/off rain and sun so it's not too bad but the sunny 30 celcius temps of Las Vegas will be very welcome.

$$$ Goal

I'm on quest to make my $1,000 day profit which looks like it's going to happen in the next month, soo stoked on that. I have been trying to find a way to get my profits with soo many of my old marketing ways becoming obsolete it has been a real challenge to say the least. It looks like what I am doing now is working, so I will be pushing forward in that direction fo shizzle..

I'm thinking once I reach my goal I will treat myself to an IPhone so I can waste even more time online for no reason, LOL. There is no point in working hard if you don't have some fun and enjoy yourself, right? The IPhone has some great uses and cool applications that will come in handy, still a waste of $$$ but whatever. I'm thinking I will use it to post pictures on Twitter instantly so people can see what I'm up to at that exact second. Silly? Yeah maybe but everyone else is doing, I need to join the crowd right!

If anyone has info on where to get the best IPhone plan in Vancouver, email me please.

Hiking This Morning

I just got back from hiking in Deep cove North Vancouver on the Baden and Powell trail which is pretty cool. We ended hiking 4 kilometers (there & back), to the Indian Arm lookout point which is very scenic (see pics below). I was tired doing the hike because I'm out of shape but it was fun and felt great after wards. I'm thinking this should be a weekly thing, it's free, peaceful and a good way to unwind and it's only about 15 minutes away from my house.

PS: I'm not sure if I'm going to post more, we will see if this blogging energy keeps up!

Baden & Powell Trail in North Vancouver

Eating dried seaweed, and it actually was pretty good. I wish she would have brought more!

view facing down to the Deep Cove Marina…

Hiking up Baden & Powell trail, it takes about one hour each way for us out of shape people.

Indian Arm in the background.

the small island on the right is for sale for only $7,000,000 and it has 3 houses on it but no running water. You can commute by boat to work.

That's all for now, time to hit Price Smart for some food shopping… Ciao


Sep 22
My Rental Nightmare

It's been an eventful week to say the least, geez. I'm not one to complain and I usually keep my problems to myself, mostly. In this case I wanted to share why rental properties and the horror stories you have heard can and do happen. It sucks when it does, but you need to keep your chin  up and keep going. Always look at the big picture (you own a property that you can keep forever), you have a cash machine that makes $1000s per month regardless of where you are. Cash flow baby $$$$$$$$$.

Now The Negative

Back in July, one set of my tenants moved out so I needed to get it rented before I left for Vegas for 6 weeks. The tenants gave me little notice and I should have kept their damage deposit for that little stunt but I didn't (last time I do that…). I showed the place numerous times and no one wanted to rent it, for whatever reason. I ended up getting renters, two 20something year old males. They weren't my first choice, they were my only choice, since I had to go to Vegas in a few days and it was nearing the end of the month. I ended up giving the place to them…

Everything seems fine for all of August, and the tenant Adam calls me on my cell phone in Vegas and asks me to tell him what day I am coming back so he can have rental money in his account when I deposit the September rental check. I got back to Vancouver roughly September 4 then I called Adam my tenant, and ask him if I can deposit the rental check now. Really, the rental check is meant to be deposited on the first of every month, if it is not deposited on the first of every month then legally you are allowed to send your tenant documentation stating that they are late with the rent and they have five days to pay it or they have to move out.

I let him get away with not paying me the rent when I got back, he said on the phone that if I could give him a couple of days that he would have it all together. I agreed being the nice guy that I am then I called him back a few days later asking if he had the rent money and he said he was just waiting for a check to come in from his former employer and the checks were random and there is no set time when he would be getting the check, now I started to worry. I told him that I would give him four more days to get me a check and if he didn't have the money ready I would be coming to the condo to talk to him in person and getting the money in person. I told him I would be coming down to the condo to visit him that evening (September 14) at 7 PM. He then texted me back saying that if I could come at 9 PM, I didn't respond. Now I realized that Adam is taking me for a ride.

I went down to the condo just as I stated at 7 PM on the dot. Surprisingly Adam open the door, and the other tenants was walking out of the condo with a huge dog. They never told me they had a dog. This was not in the agreement, another problem to deal with. Anyways the condo reeks of booze and there is long dog hair all over the new maple laminate floors. Now I am super pissed, but I didn't say anything.

I listened to Adam's BS story, about why he didn't have the money. Apparently, he lost his job and now he was scrambling to find friends or family to lend him cash. He says he applied for a credit card which he was denied (surprise) and he was going to use the credit card to pay the rent. At that point I had had enough of the lies and excuses. I need to pay my mortgage I told him and this can't go on any longer it's September 14 and you haven't paid your rent this month. I told him to give me the keys and the remote controls for the condo. I then told him they had to leave now, "you cannot stay here the night" and they could call my cell phone tomorrow morning I would meet them back at the condo, and they can start moving out all their crap.

Back to the state of the condo. The condo was only used by them for one month and a half. The condo went from being a really nice place, to smelling like a nightclub after midnight. There was black dog here everywhere. I have no clue what kind of dog they had but that fucking dog was shedding dog hair like a madman. They told me that they apologize for the situation that happened and they would be cleaning up the mess and they would prove to me that they were responsible, lol. Yeah right….

Well the next three days, me and my wife had to clean up 99% of their mess, touch of the walls, vacuum all the dot hair, throw out three black large garbage bags full of beer cans and beer bottles. It was a nightmare that consumed the bulk of four days last week.

  I  told them that they had to get all of their furnishings out of the building. This never happened, me and my wife had to clean up all their mess and they left some personal belongings in the parkade that the strata council charged me with a $200 fine to get rid of.

These scumbags have little respect for other people and other people's property. The lesson I learned was, two males should never be chosen as tenants. Men are generally dirtier than women and if you have 2 together it's even worse. Do not rent to people in their early 20s unless they seem responsible. References can be faked (their friends can pretend to be their landlord reference).

  In this province, renters have too many rights. I wasn't about to let these scumbags stay in my condo for three months free, while I took them to the arbitration board. Sometimes you need to put the law in your own hands because many laws are in favor of the people creating all the problems.

Now I can say my condo is completely cleaned I touched up with paint in the places that needed touching up and I should be securing new renters this evening. They're meeting me with the damage deposit as well as 12 months post dated checks I am renting it to two women and one of their boyfriends. Women are always better to have as renters than men, because they are cleaner usually and from my experience they seem more responsible.

Has this scared me in any way? Hell no! When you rent properties to people there is always going to be something, however if you look at the big picture rent will pay your mortgage and in the long run will give you thousands of dollars per month for ever. You can then give this rental property to your children and they can get thousands of dollars per month forever. This can go on forever and ever. How can you beat that?

So, keep on smiling and keep buying rental properties they will make you rich and you'll be able to have a great life because of them. Don't look at the small things, look at the big picture. No pain, no gain. If you want to have a life where you never have to worry about anything, then keep your job and work until you're 65 like an idiot. Life isn't meant to be full of work. Work hard now, and retire early later.

On another note I have been busy putting offers on over 30 condos down in Las Vegas. I don't plan on buying 30 condos, but I am putting offers and low balling on many of the condos to see which condos I will choose. I should be purchasing another two or even maybe three condos within the next week. This will keep me on my goal of purchasing two or three condos before the end of September. I wrote down that goal when I was in Vegas, and now it will happen.

Anyways, that's all for now. I've been buying up real estate, and cleaning up real estate and now I can rest and go back to Internet marketing.

Aug 31
You Can Call Canada Using Google Voice For 100% Free Now

If you don't know what Google Voice, it's a free service that enables you to do long distance calls throughout the USA, and now its free to call Canada. You need to be in the U.S. to use this service, it will be for Canadians in the future but not yet. Since I'm a Canadian in Las Vegas I can use the service, and I can call friends and family back in Canada for 100% free! I was paying about 0.05 per minute which is nothing, however the long distance calls to Canada would add to about $10-$15 per month. If I can save that money, why the hell not? I tried it out today, and it works perfectly.

Google Voice

Google Voice evens give you the option of getting a new U.S. phone number for free. The power behind this is that you can forward calls from your new Google Voice number to your home phone, mobile phone, work phone etc. You can add as many phone numbers  as you want, and have them ALL ring when people call your Google Voice phone. So people can tell people your Google number and it will call all of the phone numbers you have added as forwarders. There are a ton of option to choose from. You can choose to have certain numbers work only on weekends, or just weekdays and certain times of the day.

You also get free texting, and free voice mail, which is all managed online through your free Google Voice account. Pretty slick stuff.

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Aug 30
Few More Days Left Then Back To Vancouver

It looks like the fun is coming to an end. I only have a few more days in this desert dream land. I have offers on 16 places, but my goal is to buy 3  condos out of the 16 that I put offers on. I am waiting to hear back from many of the offers I put in, then I will choose exactly which condos I want to buy. Las Vegas real estate is crazy at this point and you need to put in a bunch of offers, because many times there are multiple offers, so if you only put an offer on 1 place unless you want to pay asking price then you may lose it. I'm not paying asking price that's for sure, lol. I'm low balling on many places and others I am putting offers $5,000 to $7,000 less than asking price. Asking price is usually about $75,000 for a two bedroom with a 1 car garage condo, so it will cash flow even at that price.:)

My friend Paul is down here (from Vancouver), he just bought a 2 bedroom condo near the strip and is doing some touch ups to it before he gets a property management company to do the rental managing  for it. Good to see some people taking my advice.

Hopefully I know the result of the others offers I put today. I need to leave Vegas this week, but not before I see these places in person.

And if my fucking hosting provider ( doesn't get there shit together, I am going to find new web hosting, this is complete bullshit. I can't even call you assholes on the phone because you never pick up the phone! I want reliable service please, you jackasses!. Moving wordpress blogs takes a  bit of time and that is the only reason I haven't moved it over yet, dickheads!

I snapped some photos of random stuff, as well…

I painted 2 walls in the condo a yellow, these will be the accent walls. I will come back in October and paint the rest of the condo a pale yellow I'm thinking..

Driving to Red Rock Canyon

Driving to Red Rock Canyon

brother feeding big sister…

Sad because they have to go home, no more pool….

Aug 18
Lazy Days In Las Vegas

I'm still here in sunny Las Vegas, working by the pool everyday. Life is good. The temperatures are hot but it's a dry heat so you don't sweat much at all, unlike Vancouver that get's humid heat in the summer.  I snapped some shots of random shit , that has been added below. Taking photos costs me nothing, and it's a great way  to preserve memories.

I've been putting offers on more condos down here. The prices are too cheap for me to resist:). If you can get 2 bedrooms condos in the $55,000 range and rent them for $800-$900, it won't be long before I retire completely and let the rental cheques do all the income earning for me, lol. I'm not going to preach about why you should buy here, it will be more for me to buy so stay away!

Tommorow night were going to the Olive Garden, I have been there only once ever in Langley. They're having  an all you can eat pasta deal for $9. We have gone out only once since beening here for 3 weeks, so that's ok if I have some fat ass carbs for once night..  I can't even recall the last time I had pasta, and I'm Italian…. Ma Che cazzo!

The weather is still hot, palm trees are growing and prices are still cheap. That's all I have to report kiddies. Stay tuned for more from Sin City!

Harley Davidson on Las Vegas Blvd (the strip)

Hang Over movie anyone, ring a bell?!?

self explanatory…

80's music Cheap Trick!

After a rain storm…

Caesars Palace Bhuda thingy

Caesars Palace..

Aria hotel, biggest hotel in Vegas…

Aria hotel, biggest hotel in Vegas…

street magician at Freemont in downtown Vegas

street magician at Freemont in downtown Vegas

street magician at Freemont in downtown Vegas

she's a jumper now!

New York, New York

crazy looking clouds

at the MGM hotel,trainer with tiger…

I do love to fart!

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