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Mar 3
Free PHP Url Rotator Script

I was searching for a free PHP url rotator this morning, and found the perfect php script . Note: this post is for people who do affiliate marketing others will fall asleep in reading the next paragraph. Ok, If you want to split test different affiliate offers, this is the easiest way to test more than one offer to see which one performs better. I def don't split test enough, I get lazy and complacent but I am going to be changing that with the use of this script. This is nothing new but now I have a script ready to go anytime I want it.

 All you need to do is create an index.php file with just the php url rotator script below. You can easily create this in notepad and simply save it as index.php – then simply upload to the domain or folder where your ad is pointing. (The example below shows a split test of 3 links, but you can add/remove them as needed). I wanted something super simple and easy for me to update and this is it:

Free PHP url rotator:

<?php $link[1] = "";
$link[2] = "";
$link[3] = "";
if(!sset($HTTP_cookie_VARS['link'])){ $n=count($link);
$rand=rand(1,$n); setcookie("link",$rand,time()+3600);
header('location:'.$link[$rand]); }else{ $go=$link[$_COOKIE['link']]; header('location:'.$go); } ?>

 PS: So much for blogging every 3rd day lol. This is kind of important though, for affiliate marketers anyways.

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Mar 1
Do The Opposite Of The Crowd

As with life change is part of it, the affiliate marketing industry is no different unfortunately. Personally I want to get into niches that are STABLE, so I can increase traffic to my niches and build from there. Some of the niches I am going to do include auto insurance and dating.

I have some ideas on how to promote auto insurance and everyone wants cheaper car insurance so I think the possibilities can be pretty much endless. I always try to think outside of the box, it’s the only way to get into many of the niches that are saturated with competition. There is always a way to get into any niche, you just have to be creative and NOT doing what everyone else is doing.

It’s pretty easy to follow everyone else, it requires little thinking, it’s comfortable and it is less stressful .Here is the problem,  you will never live up to your full potential if you never let yourself take chances. Being stuck at the same shitty job, might feel comfortable but every minute of it sucks I know all about it!

Ever since I pushed myself to take chances I have grown as a person. Being complacent comes naturally to most of us, taking chances and getting out of our shell and thinking outside of the “box” is hard. The funny thing is this once you started taking calculated “risks”, it’s like a rush you want to do it again and again.

Here is an example:

Real estate – I love real estate because it is passive income. Vancouver’s real estate went up at least 17% in 2009, when were in a  “recession”. Was it really a recession? Umm no. Nothing can go up year after fucking year, can it? Las Vegas is in a recession, Vancouver is not. While the prices dropped in  late 2008 I scooped up 3 condos in Vancouver, totalling just over $600,000 in total. A 17% increase on $600,000 is $51,000. I increased my real estate portfolio value by $51,000 just on those 3 condos!!!! If I listened to the news about the bullshit recession I would have scared myself shitless and not bought like most people. Think outside the box! In total my real estate portfolio is up around $250,000-$300,00o  (I’m too lazy to do the exact math), just from last year!!

Do yourself a favor, do your own thing. Don’t worry about everyone else, you are not them. You are your own person so think for yourself. Most people are sheep, it’s easy  and stress free. If everyone is doing it can’t be wrong, right? LOL wrong. If everyone is doing it , then it’s probably wrong!! Don’t let someone else do the thinking for you! I did that for the first 30 years of my life, and I got stuck at a shitty job as a result of not taking control and responsibility for my own life, never again! Being scared and complacent is the mistake everyone makes, and they suffer because of it, unfulfilled and unhappy.

This goes back to my first point, think outside of the box. In my business (marketing), it’s all about being creative and   thinking outside of the box! This week I’m not working too hard since my parents are here in Vegas visiting me, but I am returning to Vancouver on Friday and then it’s on!  I just reminded myself I need to write down my goals as well, so I can see what type of goals I want to achieve this year. Maybe that will be my next post…

If this post doesn’t make any sense to you don’t worry about it, this post is more for me than it is for you.

Jan 21
Affiliate Summit 2010 Las Vegas Edition

So…………. I’m back from Las Vegas and it looks like I brought the crappy weather down South with me. It rained like crazy the last 3 days, boo hoo. I was on a business trip so the weather didn’t matter all that much.

The good thing about going to the Affiliate Summit is that I learned a  few tips that will pay for the trip by the end of today basically.  So I have to say that going was well worth the time and money spent. It’s one of those things that you don’t know how valuable it is until you come back and put what you learned to use.

Also being with other affiliate marketers is nice, because they actually understand what the hell you are talking about. Affiliate marketing is such a technical and in depth conversation that it’s nice to be able to converse and not feel like a computer nerd, lol.

It wasn’t all computer chat though, there were many parties that were held by various companies mostly at the Palms hotel close to the convention at the Rio Hotel. I ended up meeting many people who’s blogs I have read over the years for tips, tricks and guidance.

If you ever wanted to know about affiliate marketing  then read these blogs:

  1. CDF Networks – VERY useful blog that I have read for 3 years  now
  2. Jonathan Volk – helped me lots in the beginning
  3. Ad Hustler –  useful tips that I read weekly

Overall it was fun, and when my wife reads this I just have to say I kept my hands to myself as always. Yes, I was a  good boy! You know that anyways………….

Also a big thanks to Mundo Media for inviting me to the party below.  They are a great network, thanks buddies!

nuff said back to work…  I have only been up since 3 am. Who needs sleep?

Jan 16
Heading South For ASW

I’m heading back down to Vegas for a 3 day convention. It will be nice to get away from the bright blue skies of Vancouver, haha yeah right! It’s been raining and cloudy basically every day since I have been back, BLAH!

Anyways I’m hoping to meet some of the affiliate managers I work with and hopefully I will get some tips  to propel my business to the next level! This week has been a bit of a slump in my business with the main offer I was running coming into billing problems.  I had to put my traffic on pause for a few days until I could find another similar product to promote.

I found something that is similar but not as good, but it will do for now as I don’t have much of  a choice. I am told that the credit card billing should be back up sometime next week, cross fingers on that. In the mean time I’m going to enjoy myself down south in the sun, instead of the gray rainy days here in Vancouver…….

I can’t wait to see what type of security gong show, they have in place to stop “terrorists” at the airport. I’m sure they have found a way to make travelling even longer and more painful. But it’s all for our safety, um yeah. I was born yesterday I guess…

Anyhoo, it’s time to get my ass in gear, I need to:

  1. pack
  2. get haircut
  3. see investment condos in Burnaby at 2:00 and maybe put offer on one
  4. go to parents for dinner
  5. go to airport
  6. land in Vegas
  7. pickup rental car
  8. go to my condo in Vegas
  9. sleep

dismal looking gray day in Willingdon Business Park in Burnaby, just off of highway 1

some guy feeding the pigeons near Granville street

guy has lots of foods for the birdies…

the guy feeding the pigeons just off of Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.

it looks like some type of robotic face, but it’s just a close up of  a McDonalds coffee lid. It looks like it wants to be fed, maybe bird seed?!

Jan 9
My Specific Goals For 2010

Being that it is January, I need to get my house (head) in order. I’ve been feeling a little unfocused this past week, so I figured it was about time to write down my specific goals for 2010.

For those of you that know me, realize that I am a man of sticking to my promises. If I say I’m going to do something then it will be done. I like being honest especially with myself.  That being said it’s time to do my goals, why? As I mentioned tons of times before I write down my goals here so I feel like I am accountable to anyone reading my blog. I  like the no B.S. approach is has worked for me so far, so I am going to continue.

Before I post my exact goals for 2010. I want you to read what my real estate guru Ozzie Jurock  sent me my by email:

“People don’t do what we expect, they do what we inspect with respect. New Year’s resolution type goals don’t work, because we have no one to inspect us. Your goals should be specific, quantifiable and measurable. Accountability is the key. For instance, what exactly does it mean when we say: “I will buy some real estate?” Make it specific: “I will buy an investment condo that cash flows by May 1, 2010.” That’s specific and measurable. And…put it in writing … and have someone inspect you. It works!”

Ozzie Jurock is awesome, through his newsletter that I subscribe to, he has guided me to buying cash flow properties in Vancouver, Prince George, Winnipeg (mistake) and now Las Vegas! He doesn’t know that he has even helped me, but one of these days I will chat with him at the real estate seminars that I frequent here in Vancouver and tell how much of an inspiration he is.

  1. First off I want to lose about five pounds. It’s not very much, because I don’t really need to drop much weight at all. I am doing the exercise bike every day for 30 minutes and it’s working out great. I sit on my ass and watch TV while I am on the bike, so it doesn’t even feel like a workout really.
  2. Real estate! Well what can I say about this? My major goal is to have $20,000 in invest income every month coming through real estate. I am just under half way there, not bad I know. This year I plan on buying 5 more condos, mostly in Las Vegas I think. The end date for this to happen will be November 14, 2010. Last years I said I would buy 3 condos and bought 4, 3 in Vancouver and one in Las Vegas.
  3. Online income – Working online has enabled me to buy all the real estate I have, it has changed my life forever, no going back now. I blogged about how I made the $7,000 profit per day goal last month, well it has come down from that level. Honestly it’s pretty tough to keep the momentum going at $7,000 per day for months on end. That being said, I think a new revised goal of $2,000 U.S. per day in profit should be attainable by February 1,2010. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this, but the magic of writing down your goals, seems to get me super focused on hitting the bench mark I have set for myself. In this case $2,000 profit U.S per day is my new goal. I want this to be consistent, meaning it will last for months on end. I know I can do and I will do it, let’s watch it happen!

Remember the law of attraction does work, I am living proof of it.

front yard sunsrise, taken on January 7, 2010

back yard sunsrise, taken on January 7, 2010

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