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Anti-Trump Protests Are Professional Protestors Paid $18 Hr To Protest (PROOF)

Anti Trump Protests Are From Professional Protestors Paid $18 Hr To Protest!

I was hearing about the various anti Trump protest and new reports discussing that people were getting paid between $15 and $18 an hour to protest Trump. These anti Trump protests are not Grassroots there are funded by organizations such Open Society Foundations and from George Soros. He seems to be funding the anti Trump rallies Nationwide in the United States. A quick Google search showed that on Craigslist there are various ads looking for people to protest Trump these include students, women, and minorities. This is why you see anti Trump protests, they are literally being paid to be at those locations to protest and possibly start riots. The number one enemy and person behind all of this is George Soros. Please watch this video and share it with your friends.

1st Craigslist Anti Trump ad looking for people:

2nd Craigslist Anti Trump ad searching to pay people $1500 week to STOP TRUMP:

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