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My initials are C.V.. I was born, raised and live  in Vancouver, Canada and now part time in Las Vegas with my wife, 2 year old baby girl and 1 year old son. I grew up in Burnaby, born in 1970. Both of my parents are Italian, yes from Italy.  They come from a region in South Italy called Puglia. They are from a small town outside of the capital of Puglia called  Giovinazzo.  I have been to Giovinazzo and love it. That makes me 100% Italian and I can speak Italian fluently and understand it completely.  My wife is 100% Italian as well, so we have a "Guido family". Bada Bing…. I am a former cabinet maker/carpenter. I was thrown into cabinet making back in 1989 and for the next 10 years that was my occupation. All the while that I was a carpenter I had a hobby or bad habit of doing graffiti. I’m not talking about scrawls, but I was passionate and produced high quality graffiti murals. I painted everything from walls to freight trains for many years, from 1982 until early 2000. I was well known in the graffiti worldwide, luckily for me I never ran into serious trouble indulging in this illegal pastime. I was too fast for the cops. Doing graffiti was the starting point that lead me to realize that carpentry wasn’t for me. I was creative and I needed a job that gave me a creative outlet. The year was 1999, the month of October. I took the jump and quite my secure average paying job of $17.47 per hour and enrolled in Metro Training Institute, where for the next 6 months I learned what I needed to succeed in the high tech world of web design. This was just before the dot com bust and I found employment very easily, even before I graduated. My first job was working for I stayed with Chalk for about 6 months, but become bored with the repetitive and unchallenging work. I then moved on to other web design jobs and this was the start of the dot com bust, leading to work at numerous jobs lasting no more than 6 months at each. It was very depressing, and I was thinking that maybe I had made a mistake leaving my secure job as a carpenter. Regardless, I couldn’t turn back and I moved forward with my fighting attitude going from many jobs, corporate designer and then I landed a job doing online casino web sites, that lasted for a little under 2 years. I was then laid off for the forth or fifth time and that was it for me. I decided I wasn’t getting another job ever again, what would be the point? By this time (2001) I had just gotten married and was living with my mother in law, this was beneficial because it allowed me not to worry about finances and just enabled me to concentrate on my web design business. I started cold calling people asking them if they needed a website, hosting etc. It actually worked out ok and landed contracts quite easily. Cold calling is actually a great way to get a business started for no advertising. If you have tough skin and can handle lots of people saying “no”, I would recommend it.

Along comes AdSense & affiliate marketing

Let’s fast forward to 2003, along comes Google AdSense. My friend Rob, mentions how he is using this new form of advertising revenue on websites he is designing for his boss. I set up my AdSense account the same day and right away I was generating income from my web design site. I wasn’t getting rich off of it, only $2-$3 dollars a day. This however lit the light bulb in my head, that this was going to be the way I would be making money! I was hyped and I knew that this would work for sure, no doubt. smily.jpg I only had one problem, I needed traffic. Getting traffic was the goal but how? James Martell was the answer to this problem. James Martell was a SEO (search engine optimization) guru that had a step by step guide to making money online, by building your own affiliate websites. I bought the book for $167 U.S, in March of 2004 and it was the best money I had ever spent. My goal after learning the steps was to make a $100 U.S per day from James method, by December 25 2004. I reached that goal on December 6, 2004! That year I worked as hard as I ever have, trying to make a full income from the internet, I was determined to meet my goal and achieve freedom, never having to work for someone ever again. After I reached my goal of $100 per day, I knew the sky was the limit with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. I focused all my attention on it, and stop looking for new clients. I mean really what is the point? I didn’t need clients calling me, when I could do make good cash and never have to deal with customers and a boss ever again!! My goal for next December, 2005 was to reach $200 per day from internet marketing. I reached my $200 per day goal by Monday, June 27, 2005. By December I actually reached $300 per day, because I found another income source to add to my websites. I found Chitika, a pay per click system that gives me money every time someone clicks on their ad. They don’t have as high of a click through rate like Google AdSense, but well worth adding to your website to gain more income for doing little work. In 2006 two of the three major search engines started to change the way they rank sites, making it more difficult to get the amount of traffic I was getting from them, so my income dropped. Luckily I found alternative methods to making money online, so my income actually went up.

One of these sources is pay per click marketing in which you pay for web traffic that you receive to your website. I purchased Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook, for $47.00 US. This was a great investment and the best resource I found for people who want to learn how to build websites that make money in today’s internet economy, using pay per click (PPC marketing). In my quest to continue finding new ways to make passive money I have started experimenting with blogs. Not only is this blog going to be another very small income stream, but it will also help me in my thought process of positive thinking and thought manifestation. I have to point out the fastest way to make money online is to do pay per click marketing (buying traffic to your website), and the fastest way to loose it if you don't know what you are doing. That being said, it is my favorite method of online income making because the results are very fast. But, it's good to have organic search results as well as paid search engine traffic going to your website.

Update December 2009:

I no longer make most of my income from Google, and I have reinvented myself once again and now I purchase traffic on high traffic websites such as FaceBook, MySpace and many other sites. My income has grown at amazing strides and my best day was just over $8,000 US  in profit. Not every day is a home run but I make more in one day ($1200 daily) doing this than I use to make in 2 weeks ($1,000) at my cabinet making job, hard to believe right? It's true. I am my own rags to riches story (and it's not over yet). I continually raise my own bar, and if you read my goals posts on my blog you will see my personals goals come to life. It's all 100% real, no B.S. I am grateful for every penny I have made, and some times I have to remind myself that it's actually true. I was an average student, unfocused 20 something, but I surpassed all my wildest dreams in my 30's and now I can actually retire. I went for my dreams and they became my reality. I'm still in shock, but hard works does pay off, I am living proof of that. I never stop working hard, I love what I do, and it shows.

The point of making money – reinvest it & relax

With the money I was earning from affiliate marketing making I started to look at investment options and real estate was my choice. In 2000 I lost $5,000 buying stocks, so I stay clear of any type of stock tips or stock investments. I purchased my first investment home for $230,00 with the help of my parents back in 1991. My parents put the down payment on the rental home and me and my brother each put in $800 per month. We sold that property back in 2003 and made a small profit, selling it for about $260, 000. Over the next 7 years my wife and I have purchased many  other properties, including 2 townhouses in Prince George, British Columbia (sold in 2006), 3 houses here in Vancouver, including my own and 2 rental homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba purchased in 2007 (sold in July 2008),  and in November of 2008 I bought two 2 bedroom condos, one in Port Coquitlam and one in Burnaby. I bought another 2 bedroom condo in Burnaby in March of 2009. In early 2009 my real estate hero Ozzie Jurock started talking about the cheap real estate available south of the border in sand states such as Arizona, Florida and Nevada. After researching all 3 places to buy I went with Las Vegas because the deals were great (good cash flow if your looking to rent it out), it was a 2.5 hour flight to get there, and it was Vegas baby! I emailed a realtor down in Las Vegas in March 2009 and never actually went down to start buying until September of that same.   I bought a really nice 1500 sq ft  vacation home in Las Vegas, a 3 bedroom condo with 2 car garage built in 2005 for $99,900 US, and then a 1200 sq ft 2 bedroom townhouse with den and 1 car garage  for $64,000 (also in Las Vegas)  in December of 2009. Those are my real estate holdings  as of December, 17, 2009. I'm sure it will grow even more next year. My goal is to live off of passive income streams for the rest of my life, and only work if I want to, not because I need to. It’s not really about the money, it’s about the freedom money, especially passive income can do for you and your family.

smily.jpg *PS: I NO longer do any type of web design for people, I strictly design websites for my own online ventures. Having clients sucks and I will never do it again. How to reach me:

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