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Nov 13
Anti-Trump Protests Are Professional Protestors Paid $18 Hr To Protest (PROOF)

Anti Trump Protests Are From Professional Protestors Paid $18 Hr To Protest!

I was hearing about the various anti Trump protest and new reports discussing that people were getting paid between $15 and $18 an hour to protest Trump. These anti Trump protests are not Grassroots there are funded by organizations such Open Society Foundations and from George Soros. He seems to be funding the anti Trump rallies Nationwide in the United States. A quick Google search showed that on Craigslist there are various ads looking for people to protest Trump these include students, women, and minorities. This is why you see anti Trump protests, they are literally being paid to be at those locations to protest and possibly start riots. The number one enemy and person behind all of this is George Soros. Please watch this video and share it with your friends.

1st Craigslist Anti Trump ad looking for people:

2nd Craigslist Anti Trump ad searching to pay people $1500 week to STOP TRUMP:

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Nov 12
They Thought Hillary Clinton Was A Sure Thing, Publishing “madam president” magazines

Everyone thought they had it ll figured out but they didn’t see the Trump rallies with 50,000 people compared to Clinton rallies with under 1000. Not hard to see who was going to win. But the shit storm of lies from the media had everyone fooled. Hell, the media even fooled themselves, those fucking idiots. But they are paying the price now, viewership is gone, all that ad revenue will dry up and these “journalists” will lose their jobs. They did it to themselves, if they were HONEST they could have still had readers but they went in 100% with a corrupt criminal Hillary. Not sure how they couldn’t see it but they didn’t . This was visible a mile away… Newsweek recalls 125,000 copies of its souvenir Madam President issue

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Nov 12
The Mainstream Media Lied This Whole Election Trying To Get Hillary Clinton Elected

The corrupted media lied the whole election, biased towards getting a corrupt criminal Hillary Clinton elected to the White House. And they were shocked when Trump won? The indicators of him winning were there ALL ALONG. 15,000 people filled stadiums for Trump while Hillary had 500 people. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand who had the momentum. The problem is the media is biased and had an agenda to get Hillary by any means necessary elected all along, even if they had to lie which they did over and over and over. It backfired in a spectacular way. Now no one trust the media and their ratings are dropping like a rock! They did it to themselves and I for one will never trust these back stabbers, paid off shills and liars every again. Shame on you CNN, CBS, CNBC, NBC, New York Times and many others.
hillary clinton and media lied

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Oct 3
Hillary Clinton on Assange “Can’t we just drone this guy”

Tommorrow explosive leaks on Hillary Clinton that Julian Assange says will bring her down for good!

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Nov 2
Vacation Rental Scams On CraigsList

It's been a long time since I posted anything, whatever! Anyways I have been renting out my personal condo in Vegas as a vacation rental and have been posting ads on CraigsList and it's crazy how many scam emails I get from scumbags trying to rip me off in one way or another. Some emails try to get your logon info for, or offer you jobs as a cleaner lol. Other people pretend to want to rent your place then you email them back and forth and eventually they send some bs cashiers check that is fraudulent and they mistakenly overpay so they ask you to return the overpaid amount back to them in Nigeria or England. Lots of bullshit lies to steal from you. Be smart on CraigsList, lots of dirt bags are ready to dip into your bank account if you let them!

from: &

Hi,  Good day to you, how are you doing over there???.

 I and my Husband (Mr and Mrs jeremy-williams) want to rent your vacation for our coming to your location for 7days, 

I'll like to tell you little about my self, I'm a Chemist by Profession and my husband is a Building Contractor, also i want you to get back to me with the cost for the 7day … Please get back to me to know if it is available for us and we don't have any Pet.

Best regard to you
Mr and Mrs jeremy-williams

from: &

Subject: Can you supply for us?

Dear Job Seeker,

We saw your advert on Craigslist and have considered you to be one of our Cleaner. We are moving from Manchester into the States to work on a contract with the Environmental Monitoring Agency. I'll be moving to the States with my family i.e. wife and kids.

We are offering $450 plus tips and compensation, so you could help work on our new home which will be bought on the confirmation that we have someone who will be working and cleaning, decorating plus other things.

Let us know if you are interested in the position, your flexible working hours, pay rates and all. Looking to read from you soon.


from: &

Greetings Sir,
Our company (VETCO) requires urgently a dietary chemical material which are produced and sold in your country. This Material is used in the production of dietary supplement, vaccines and injections for sub Saharan Horses and pets. My director will be sending our procurement officer to Your country to purchase the chemical material and am requesting you to stand as a supplier so that i can give you the contact of the local Vendor for you to procure the material from him and sell to my CEO at a very lucrative price. It will interest you to know that our director does not have the direct contact of the local producer due to some managerial changes in our company. l was opportune to discover this contact from the last airway bill used by our last procurement officer who just died. Previously our deceased officer has been inflating the supply to the tune of $27,000.
But i discovered from the receipt that the local dealer is selling the material for $11,750 per 5 liter gallon and you will supply to my CEO at $23,500 per gallon , that is the more reason our Director will like to buy from you and my company will require more than 100 gallons.My CEO will advance you payment as soon as he can confirm the availability of the Material.
l will give you more details when i hear from you confirming your interest.
Pls reply here: with your details as:
1. Full name/address
2. Your occupation/ position
3. Your cell/mobile phone number
4. Your marital.
5. Age.    
With best wishes,      
Derick Ahmed

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